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Schloss Shadow

My bags are packed, I’m ready to go—so its the perfect time to work on some back images on my production machine. This castle shadow is from my recent stay in Heidelberg, Germany, photographed on a street as I wandered around after I gave my workshop.

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Recent News, Interviews, and Webinar

Please check out the following links! My new book Achieving Your Potential As a Photographer: A Photographer’s Creative Companion and Workbook is now available and shipping on Amazon. Here’s Katie Rose, shown with our new book! Read the pre-publication review in Rangefinder Magazine (PDF). Wide-ranging interview with me on the Picsastock Blog. Check it out! […]

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New Interview with Harold Davis

Check out this great new interview with me by Kathleen McCaffrey on the Picsastock Blog. The interview explores (among other things) my interpretation, style, and process: “Photography is a way of sharing what we see—a very important part of who we are—with others. I like to create images that relate to some kind of order in […]

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Workshop Opportunities

I am leaving to teach a workshop in Maine at the end of the coming week (I get to do some personal exploration of the Maine landscape with my camera and to eat lobster as well as teaching!). Before I leave I want to call your attention to some upcoming workshop and travel opportunities in […]

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Achieving Your Potential As a Photographer is now available

My new book, Achieving Your Potential As a Photographer: A Photographer’s Creative Companion and Workbook, is now available and shipping. Per our family tradition, Katie Rose is shown with the new book cover. In addition to my images and words of wisdom, Achieving Your Potential includes a 48-page tear-out section you can use as your […]

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Creative Flower Photography with Harold Davis Webinar Recording

If you missed my webinar on Creative Flower Photography (sponsored by Topaz Labs), or were on the webinar and want to replay it, here’s the link for watching the Creative Flower Photography with Harold Davis webinar recording on YouTube. This webinar covers my unique workflow and processing techniques for creating transparent flower imagery starting with photography […]

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Clematis on Black

I’ve edited the slide show on my website home page,, to include some new images including: Salutation to the Sun, Spires of Prague, House of Mirrors, and the Clematis on Black shown below. Check out the slide show on my home page!

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Work on St Vitus’s Cathedral, which is situated within the Prague Castle, began in 1344, and wasn’t completed until the 20th century. St Vitus contains the Czech crown jewels, and the tomb of Good King Wenceslas. There’s also a great tower to climb. If you go, admission to the tower is separate from the Cathedral, […]

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Conversation with Harold Davis

Dominique James has published a Q&A with me on his blog, along with a cool curation of some of my images. Check it out! Thanks DJ. Yesterday I photographed the Dahlia shown below hand-held and wide open so the flower center would be sharp with the petals becoming soft. This contrasts with the high depth-of-field, […]

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Selfie with Wig

As someone who has been traveling a great deal lately I’d like to make the unoriginal observation that wherever you go, there you are. It’s also the case that wherever you go someone will be making a “selfie.” Selfies—self portraits—are the undeniable proof that you have been somewhere. In their current widespread form, whether in […]

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Putting Paid to Purloining Picture Snatchers: Working with Pixsy

I am often asked how I deal with the issue of image theft, considering my extensive online presence on my blog and on my Flickr stream. My answer has been that I don’t release high-resolution files except to known reliable clients under contract, and that I expect some image thievery to be taking place with […]

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Framed: Flowers of Spring’s Desire

I printed my Flowers of Spring’s Desires on Moab’s elegant Juniper Baryta Rag for a friend and collector. She framed it in white, with a pink inner mat. Very nice effect.

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White Dahlia

Every time I am away for an extended trip Phyllis seems to embark on a home improvement project. This time, while I was in the Czech Republic and giving my workshop in Heidelberg, she outdid herself with a great reconfiguration of the living room. Outside, she put a small cast iron table on our front […]

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Bend in the Neckar River

On a great bend in the Neckar River, about 15 kilometers up-river from Heidelberg, Germany lies the town of Neckarsteinach. Four dramatic castles sit atop the crags overlooking the Neckar. Julian, one of my workshop participants, brought me here the day I was flying home, and together we explored the area. From the top tower […]

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Along the old Rhine River

After my workshop was over, Volker Haxsen (who assisted me at the workshop, and is quite a gifted person in his own right) took me exploring in the Rhine Valley. Volker told me that the Rhine has been navigated for thousands of years, since Roman times, and the channels have been straightened and broadened. The […]

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