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Cherry Branches

Cherry Branches for a wet and windy weekend! Phyllis brought these back from a neighborhood tree, and I photographed them using high-key HDR on a light box, then combined the images in Photoshop, and added a background. I hope you enjoy my image!

Cherry Branches © Harold Davis

Cherry Branches © Harold Davis

For some other cherry blossom images click on these stories: Cherry Blossoms; Cherry Blossom Special; and Cherry Blossoms on Skin. Searching my blog for “cherry” yields quite a few additional entries! Clearly a wet, early spring in Berkeley is a great time to photograph cherry blossoms, as I have done across a number of years.

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Cherry Dance

Cherry Dance is manifestly a digital art creation. This collage combines a photo of blossoms on a cherry branch with two flat-bed scans of paper—using Photoshop to create a whole that resembles Japanese brush painting as much as it does tradional photography.

Cherry Dance by Harold Davis

Cherry Dance © Harold Davis

There’s no doubt that cherry blossoms are among my most popular subjects and widely viewed. I’m amused (and flattered) that in one case an attractive lady has had a facsimile of one of my cherry branch images emblazened on her own epidermis.

By the way, check out Creative Flower Photography Q&A with Harold Davis on the O’Reilly YouTube channel.

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Creating Textured Backgrounds: Cherry Branch

Cherry Branch

For an art publication project I was recently asked to put some of my floral images with white backgrounds onto textured backgrounds. For example, here’s the original version of the Cherry Branch shown in this story, and one other converted image, Papaver and Campanula (original and on the textured background).

My concept was to create a scroll effect, such as one might see in Chinese brush painting. To achieve this, I needed an almost white interior and a frame that had a highly textured appearance with sepia or yellowish tonality.

The first stop was an art supply store to look through paper samples. I picked several pieces of papyrus for the outer frame, and some rice paper for the inside of the textured background.

Phyllis scanned the paper for me using our desktop flatbed scanner. While the depth-of-field you get with a scanner is negligible, the resolution is very high—in this case 2400ppi for an 8.5X11 inch scan. So I had to size down the scans a bit when I started combining them to make my background.

Once I had created the background in Photoshop—with a little rose color added to the “frame” for the Cherry Branch image—dropping the floral images onto the backgrounds as a layer was not a problem. Using Multiply blending mode meant that the white backgrounds in the original had no impact on the result—although I did have to play with taking the opacity of the floral layer down a bit (between 84% and 97% in the final version, depending on the image) so that the flowers weren’t too bright.

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Print of the Month: Cherry Branch on White

Our May, 2011 offering is Cherry Branch on White. This unusual high-key image of a cherry branch in full bloom is one of our most popular prints. The image is printed large on 17″ X 22″ paper. With its overall white and cherry tones it will add a light and festive air to almost any room.

Note: The actual image size is somewhat smaller, allowing for my hand signature and overmatting when you frame the piece.

Cherry Blossom on White is made by hand and giclee printed with tender, loving care in my studio on 325 gsm Epson archival Exhibition Fiber paper. This popular image is published in The Photoshop Darkroom (Focal Press) and Creative Lighting: Digital Photography Tips & Techniques (Wiley).

My normal, retail price for this archival print is $450.00. For the months of April and May, 2011, I am offering Cherry Branch on White for the very special price of $195.00. This includes careful, custom packing and insured Fedex ground shipping within the United States. (For orders outside of the United States, please contact me for shipping costs.)

Cherry Blossom on White

Purchase Cherry Blossom on White for the special Harold Davis Print of the Month price of $195.00

Cherry Blossom on White shows a vibrant cherry branch placed against a brighjt white background. I photographed the branch for a high-key effect using my hand-HDR technique explained in The Photoshop Darkroom 2: Creative Digital Transformations (Focal Press)and in Creative Lighting: Digital Photography Tips & Techniques (Wiley). This print will look gourgeous in a wood frame, and will transform any room with its glowing yet subtle colors. Here’s the blog story I wrote about Cherry Branch on White.

We make our prints with a great deal of care with the best archival standards. Even the ink I use to sign our prints is acid free.

I’m not comparing myself with the great masters of photography, but consider that during the many years that Edward Weston and Ansel Adams were active, you could have bought one of their prints for a few hundred dollars (at most). These prints sell for tens of thousands of dollars at auction today.

If you have any questions about this print&#151or anything photographic for that matter&#151please email me (harold [at] or give me a call at 510.528.9977.

So I missed the boat in April…what with travel, photography, assignments, books, and four kids with two working parents I just didn’t get around to posting a print of the month. Herewith, making up for my omission, and available at a special price for the rest of April and all of May, I am pleased to offer you one of my favorite and most popular prints, Cherry Branch on White.

By the way, we’ve decided to offer the previous three month’s prints, Poppies, Stars My Destination, and Trees in the Fog, at the discounted price ($195) through the end of April—as of May 1, 2011 the price on these prints will go back up to the normal retail of $450.00.

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Cherry Blossoms on Skin

Cherry Blossoms on Skin

Recently, I was sent a snapshot of a tattoo creating using one of my images as inspiration. It’s flattering to have someone like one of my photos enough to have it indelibly etched onto their skin, as in this version of my Cherry Blossoms on White (below) recreated by a tattoo artist on my correspondent’s comely back.

Cherry Branch on White

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Cherry Solo

Cherry Solo

Cherry Solo, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger.

Briefly noted: this is one of a series of cherry blossom images that includes Cherry Medley and Cherry Blossoms.

Here’s another (previously unpublished) image in the series:

Breaking Through

You may also be interested in my Cherry Blossom set on Flickr.

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Cherry Medley

Cherry Medley

Cherry Medley, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger.

It was hard for me to resist the cherry branch up closer. Once shot, I had to post-process to create an alternate cherry universe:

Alternate Cherry Universe

View this image larger.

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Cherry Blossoms

Every year the cherry trees flower in the cultivated areas of the hills of California’s coastal range, and of course I am impelled to photograph the blossoms. This season the cherry trees are flowering a tad early, like everything else in California in 2009.

My thought was to create a simple image of cherry blossoms against a white background. The elegance of the composition would be determined by the intersecting lines of two cherry branches.

Cherry Branch on White

View this image larger.

I went out with camera, tripod, and pruning sheers, and ended up creating the effect you see indoors on a light box. Here’s a luminance channel inversion of the image in the LAB color space:

Cherry Branch on Black

View this image larger.

Here are some cherry blossom images of d’année passées:

2006: Cherry Blossom Special; just getting to know cherry blossoms with digital:

Cherry Blossom Special

2007: Cherry; playing with turning a photo of a cherry blossom into a “watercolor”:


2008: Sunburst; experimenting with sensitivity (ISO) and cherry blossoms:


It’s sometimes instructive to look back through one’s work, particularly when there’s such a strong (and seasonal) annual affinity for a particular subject like these cherries. I don’t think photographing cherry blossoms will ever bore me!

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Winter Moon and Cherry Leaves

Christmas eve we had lots of family over, a turkey dinner, and the table groaned. Later, after almost everyone had gone home, and it was time to get the kids to bed, I saw the winter moon rising over the hills. I took a fancy to photographing the rising moon through the leaves of our decorative Japanese cherry tree. Satiated with food and with my mind on family I was almost going to pass on it. But every time I haven’t tried for a photo that took my fancy, I’ve regretted it.

I packed my kit and went outside with Julian while Phyllis got Nicky and Mathew to bed.

With Julian giving me advice, I started shooting the moon through the winter leaves of the decorative cherry tree (I planted it about the time Julian was born).

I boosted the ISO up to 3,200 for my first shots, focused at infinity for the moon, and hoped for the extreme low noise that I’ve been getting with my new D300. But the best image in the series turned out to be this, shot conventionally at ISO 100 and 15 seconds, and focused on the branch of the tree. Focusing closer at a wide-open aperture made the moon–which was going to blow out highlights completely if I retained any foreground detail–huge, abstract, and round.

Related story: Moon Roll.

[300mm in 35mm terms, 15 seconds at f/4.2 and ISO 100, tripod mounted.]

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Cherry Watercolor

This is my photograph of a cherry blossom converted to LAB color, with the L (luminosity) channel inverted in Photoshop. A few other tweaks, but that is most of what I did.

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The cherry trees are blooming brightly here, too much to resist. Yesterday Rachel came to babysit (a funny word, since our kids are really no longer babies, except sometimes when they decide to be cranky, but then aren’t we all sometimes babies in that sense, and how is this for a run-on parenthetical?).

Anyhow, with the kids taken care of, our first stop was a couple of lovely Japanese flowering cherry trees about 1/4 of a mile above our home. Phyllis meditated, and I photographed the wet cherry blossoms in bright sunshine and intermittent wind with my 200mm f/4 macro lens tripod mounted and a 36mm extension tube.

Related story: Cherry Blossom Special.

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Fire of Passion in the Cherry Heart

I photographed cherry blossoms today along Thousand Oaks near our home. These are photomacrographs, but very different from the photomacrograph series of cherry blossoms I took a few days ago. The first photos were implemented with tripod and macro lens on a damp day. The photos I created today (this is the first example) were handheld using a vibration reduction lens with an extension tube and macro filter on a day of bright spring intensity.

Mostly I tried to capture the fierce and wonderful backlighting. While I photographed, I enjoyed the exuberance of spring overtaking the time and place. These are passionate images, and I dedicate them to my Valentine!

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Cherry Blossom Special

The cherry trees are starting to bloom in our neighborhood, although exactly which trees in our coastal zone depends on the precise altitude. So the cherry blossoms have come up to within a couple of hundred feet of our house. They make a beautiful and elegant display.

I was out yesterday in the mist and light rain photographing. The sun started to peek out. What great conditions for photographing cherry blossoms and getting close enough to view the anthers!

In the photo above, my favorite of the set, the anthers–the portion of the stamen that produce the pollen–are in focus. The flower itself and water drops are slightly out of focus, with a macro rig and an aperture set to f/16.

In contrast, in this photo anthers and flower are both crisp at f/40:

Cherry Crisp

View this photo larger.

Technically, these photos are a great deal like the water drops on a spider web I photographed a day earlier. The biggest issues are micro focusing and subject motion from the wind. In addition, I had some problem getting high enough on my tripod to be really close to the blossoms.

A human element was that I was out photographing with Julian, who got bored (as any eight year old would have) after a while: “Daddy, you’ve been photographing that one flower for an hour and a half. Can’t we please do something else?”

Neither whining nor wind stopped me from getting this rather unusual view of water drops within the world of the cherry blossom:

World of Wonder

View this photo larger.

In this detail view of the very center of the cherry blossom I was surprised to discover a convex, reflective shape like a cherry dome. The beginnings, I suppose, of the fruit.

Cherry Heart

View this photo larger.

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Outrageous Orange

Oranges, Marrakech © Harold Davis

Orange juice on the Cinque Terre Trail © Harold Davis

Orange Dahlia © Harold Davis

Pom Pom Chrysanthemum Orange

Pom Pom Chrysanthemum Orange © Harold Davis

Orange Peppers © Harold Davis

Orange Peppers © Harold Davis

Orange Triad © Harold Davis

Orange Triad © Harold Davis

Sunset and Waves © Harold Davis

Sunset in Winter © Harold Davis

Sunset A © Harold Davis

Setting Sun and Cherry Blossoms © Harold Davis

Sunflower © Harold Davis

San Francisco Sunset © Harold Davis

Sunset over the Nekkar River © Harold Davis

Dead Tree, Seascape, and Sunset © Harold Davis

Eye of the Tower © Harold Davis

Eye of the Tower © Harold Davis

Reflections at Giverny © Harold Davis

Ponte Vecchio Night Reflections © Harold Davis

Window in Bourges © Harold Davis

Alabama Hills Sunset © Harold Davis

Architectonica Spiral 1 © Harold Davis

Sunflower X-Ray Fusion on Black © Harold Davis

Puente Bacunayagua © Harold Davis

Mount Tamalpais Sunset © Harold Davis

Sunset © Harold Davis

Golden Gate Sunset © Harold Davis

There Goes the Sun © Harold Davis

Sun Koan © Harold Davis

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Through a Glass Lightly

Please consider joining us for Photographing Bottled Light on Thursday, October 29 at 10am PT via Zoom

How creative can get you get with colored liquid, sunshine, some glass bottles, and a camera? Pretty gosh-dang creative!

In this webinar, I’ll show you how to use simple materials to come up with entire new worlds, recreations of Mark Rothko paintings, abstractions, highways at night, and much more!

Even if you don’t have any food color sets around, you probably have colored liquid (soda pop, brandy, maple syrup, cherry juice, red wine, and blue Gatorade all work well). Be creative! What can you do close to home with these everyday materials? You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get fantastic results.

Stand by for a webinar that combines Betty Crocker with modern photography!

Click here to sign up, and here for the information page.

Natural Bridge © Harold Davis

Natural Bridge © Harold Davis

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