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I am writing this story to let you know about an exciting new development.  Thanks to new advanced technology, I am now able to create hand-crafted images up to 44 x 72 inches, printing them on new substrates, including washi rice paper and pearlized metallics.

This allows me to continue pushing the envelope of what can be manifested in the real world with my innovative new photographic and digital painting techniques. I am finally able to print what I see when I take a photograph and on my computer, with a wider color gamut and more subtle details than was ever possible before.

Cherry Dance by Harold Davis

Cherry Dance © Harold Davis

Many people who have seen my new work tell me that it is breathtaking and such a breakthrough that I should spread word about it. One of my key efforts right now is to connect with art galleries and dealers so that I can start showing the world these prints. Any way that you can help me achieve this goal would be deeply appreciated.

Structure of Time by Harold Davis

Structure of Time © Harold Davis

If you are in the San Francisco Bay area or visiting, I would be delighted to arrange a personal showing of my new work!

For more information about my prints, please visit my newly updated website and take a look at my About and Prints pages. You’ll find many of my images available through the Galleries page. Thanks for taking a look.

Lilies 2 Inversion by Harold Davis

Lilies 2 Inversion © Harold Davis

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