Moab Paper to sponsor Harold Davis

While on the topic of fine art printmaking, I am delighted to now be sponsored by Moab, a boutique manufacturer of quality substrates and my paper manufacturer of choice for fine art projects. Moab is a Legion Paper brand. The Moab slogan is “Fine inkjet paper for the inspired visualist.”

Museum at Bodie by Harold Davis
Museum at Bodie © Harold Davis

I think the Moab slogan applies well to me, so the sponsorship is a very good fit. For example, my image of the Museum at Bodie, shown above, looks fantastic printed at 24″ X 36″ on Moab’s pearlized Slickrock Metallic. It’s great to be an exemplar for a product line that I enjoy using so much!

Update: I am excited to be acknowledged as a Moab Master photographer.

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