Nikon World Calendar and Popular Photo Feature Harold Davis

I’m pleased about some recent publications of my work. Ancient Music of the Stars, shown below, illustrates the month of December in the 2013 Nikon World calendar. Click here for my original story about the image, which was shot in the Patriarch Grove of Ancient Bristlecone Pines in eastern California’s White Mountains.

Ancient Music of the Stars by Harold Davis
Ancient Music of the Stars © Harold Davis—Click to view larger

Peter Kolonia writes, “Harold Davis’ ethereal floral arrangements have a purity and translucence that borders on spiritual” in a December 2012 Popular Photo Magazine article that features my transparent floral technique, Pure Petals: Make flowers look translucent. Click here for a PDF download of the full article.

Finally, my Distant Night Storm in the Patriarch Grove appears as a two-page spread in the HarperCollins UK book Astronomy Photographer of the Year.

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