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I’ve been spending so much time photographing Katie Rose in the NICU that I haven’t been photographing her big brothers much. Last week I remedied this, with several photo sessions in which I got down on the floor with the boys. As you’ll see in one of the photos, we also took the boys in for much needed haircuts.

Forthwith, and in no particular order, life as it is now in the Davis family starring Julian, Nicky, and Mathew.

I think Julian is getting genuinely handsome, and in this photo he looks to me a little like the actor Robert Mitchum. He’s turning eleven this month.

Considering Julian

Mathew’s big eyes would win anyone over. With this almost-four-year old, you never know whether he will be the biggest pill or the sweetest child in the universe (or both, at the same time).

Mathew Big Eyes

Mathew is moving beyond Thomas, but he still loves his train layouts.

Mathew on the Tracks

Nicky is a real piece of work. He’s quick and cute, and he knows it. The photographic challenge is to catch him when he isn’t in motion, or over the top with his gestures.

Nicky V

We took the boys for a haircut, and Nicky mugged in the mirror.

Mirror Nicky

This was Mathew’s first “voluntary” haircut, and he did a great job. He took his turn ahead of his big brothers, and we were all proud of him. You can see Ruby, who did a heroic job of the actual shearing, in the mirror with the Davis family (including the Davis photographer).


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