Punch Bowl

This image looking down on a glass bowl is one of a series of fractal-like images I’ve made that are constructed by adding the initial image to successively reduced versions of itself.

© Harold Davis

Punch Bowl © Harold Davis

The other kicker is that each of these images has something unexpected embedded at the innermost fractal single pixel level: my initials at the end of the doors in World without End, my face on a tiny train in Old Train Bridge, and a miniature of the outer courtyard through the door in Hotel de Sully, which (without the fractal) is located near the Place des Vosges in Paris.

In fairness, I must add that these embellishments are at the pixel level, and likely cannot be seen from the versions of the images that are posted. A large print of each image and a magnifying glass would work better, since only I can open the master file in Photoshop at a high magnification.

Can you see what is embedded at the end of the long tunnel down the punch bowl?

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