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I’ve been wanted to do a post-processing workshop about creativity in the digital darkroom for quite a while, and many people have asked me to do this. So I finally decided to bite the bullet and present a post-processing workshop under my own auspices on April 18, 2009. You’ll find information below. Please also bear in mind some other upcoming 2009 workshop dates:

  • May 1-3, Night Photography on Point Reyes
  • July 12, Landscape Photography
  • July 18-19, intensive weekend digital post-processing workshop

Information and registration for this workshop; my main workshops page.

Comment from a previous Harold Davis workshop attendee: In addition to teaching me new things, you managed to clarify things that I already knew.

Digital Post-Processing with Harold Davis

***One-day seminar limited to fifteen participants***

When: Saturday, April 18 from 9:30AM to 5PM

Where: Berkeley, CA, location to be announced

Curriculum: The morning session includes an orientation and covers processing RAW files, workflow, multi-RAW processing, layers, masking, and introduces hand HDR. The afternoon session introduces LAB color, demonstrates channel blending operations, shows how to sharpen in LAB, and presents various creative options students can use with their own work. The session ends with a recap and suggestions for next steps.

Who should attend: This seminar is primarily intended for digital photographers who have at least basic familiarity with Photoshop and want to learn more about the creative potential of the “digital darkroom”.

What to bring: Please bring a laptop with the software you use for photo editing. The laptop should be equipped with Photoshop; if you don’t have it please download the trial version to use at the seminar. Please also bring some digital photos you’d like to work on.

Tuition: $295.00 per person. Tuition includes instructional materials.

Note: in these tough times we don’t want to turn anyone away because they can’t afford the tuition. There are some partial scholarships available. Please contact us for more information.

About the instructor: Harold Davis is a renowned photographer whose work has been widely published and collected. His most recent photography books include The Photographer’s Guide to Yosemite & the High Sierra (Countryman/WW Norton), Light & Exposure for Digital Photographers (O’Reilly), and 100 Views of the Golden Gate (Wilderness Press).

Harold is well known for his night photography and experimental ultra-long exposure techniques, use of vibrant, saturated colors in landscape compositions, and beautiful creative floral imagery.

Harold says, “I think of myself as a post-film photographer. In my work, I am especially interested in image processing and what happens to a photograph after it leaves the camera and heads to the computer. I see myself as much a digital painter as a photographer. I never want to give up being behind the camera, but I also get a real kick out of sitting hour after hour trying to get the processing of an image exactly right. Life is full of exciting visuals, and as an artist I am never bored.”

Harold writes the popular Photoblog 2.0 at

For more information: For information about the workshop, please contact workshop administration at 510.528.9977 or

You can register for the Digital Post-Processing with Harold Davis seminar by paying the tuition using a credit card or by check.

Click here for Information and Registration for this workshop; main Harold Davis workshops page.


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