Bringing Home the Ark

Purple Cactus Flower B

Purple Cactus Flower B, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger.

The problem was that, with Katie Rose, we were now six and our vehicles only fit five. I flew into Phoenix with Julian and Nicky over their spring break. The plan was to visit with Phyllis’s mom, and then drive home in the van that had belonged to her dad, Ken Hopper. Phyllis’s mom was generously giving us the van. The boys and I would camp and photograph on the way home.

Once home, the van would become our people mover and ark, and would provide space for the entire menagerie that is my family.

Purple Cactus Flower A

View this image larger.

Near Phoenix, the cactus flowers were in bloom. I’m told that these particular purple flowers can only be seen a few days a year. I photographed them in the late afternoon light while the boys played with their grandma.

Purple Cactus Flower C

View this image larger.

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