Goose and Crane

Julian and I wandered around the bizarre Middle Harbor Shoreline State Park in the Port of Oakland. Great views of downtown San Francisco, and of the Golden Gate Bridge through (and under) the Bay Bridge.

Also great views of the monster cranes in the Port of Oakland, which continue to remind me of huge, metal sea horses, and also, well, cranes:

Port of Oakland

View this photo larger.

Julian had a great time helping me photograph the wild geese (who look kind of ironic in my opinion in front of the mechanical cranes). You can see that Julian was a happy child:

Happy Julian

The trick to the flying goose picture that started this story is, of course, to be ready. Have a reasonably long lens, and have your camera set to a fast shutter speed. That, and having an eight-year-old boy herd the geese, and a bit of luck, should do the trick!

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