Schloss Shadow

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go---so its the perfect time to work on some back images on my production machine. This castle shadow is from my recent stay…


New Interview with Harold Davis

Check out this great new interview with me by Kathleen McCaffrey on the Picsastock Blog. The interview explores (among other things) my interpretation, style, and process: "Photography is a way of…


Workshop Opportunities

I am leaving to teach a workshop in Maine at the end of the coming week (I get to do some personal exploration of the Maine landscape with my camera…


Clematis on Black

I've edited the slide show on my website home page,, to include some new images including: Salutation to the Sun, Spires of Prague, House of Mirrors, and the Clematis…

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Work on St Vitus's Cathedral, which is situated within the Prague Castle, began in 1344, and wasn't completed until the 20th century. St Vitus contains the Czech crown jewels, and…


Selfie with Wig

As someone who has been traveling a great deal lately I'd like to make the unoriginal observation that wherever you go, there you are. It's also the case that wherever…


White Dahlia

Every time I am away for an extended trip Phyllis seems to embark on a home improvement project. This time, while I was in the Czech Republic and giving my…

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