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Photographing the Bridge of Sighs at Night

The Ponte dei Sospiri, or Bridge of Sighs, is one of the most famous landmarks in Venice, Italy. It connects the Doge’s Palace with a prison on the opposite side of the canal. The name, coined by Lord Byron, comes from the idea that prisoners would sigh at their final view of beautiful Venice through the window before being taken across to their grim cells, often to remain imprisoned for the rest of their lives.

Bridge of Sighs at Night © Harold Davis

Bridge of Sighs at Night © Harold Davis

Today, the main problem confronting the photographer wanting an interesting image of the Bridge of Sighs is other photographers. Specifically, groups of tourists, many of them Chinese, jostling with selfie sticks on the Ponte della Paglia, with the Bridge of Sighs in the background.

During daylight hours, it is almost impossible to place a tripod in position for this classic view without having the legs knocked into by an eager tourist-with-selfie-stick. In this situation, the photographer is often solicited to shoot group selfies (is “group selfie” an oxymoron?) with someone’s phone camera.

But on a dark, damp, and foggy night there is no one around. What a perfect time to capture a somewhat different version of the famous Bridge of Sighs!

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San Giorgio Boat Harbor in Sepia

On a Venetian morning socked in with fog, my friend Mauro and I took the vaporetto across to the island of San Giorgio. The normally inspiring view from the top of the San Giorgio campanile was a blank white wall. But the boats in the nearby harbor were moving slightly, putting me in mind of sepia Dutch nautical drawings.

Tall Ships © Harold Davis

Tall Ships © Harold Davis

Exposure data: Nikon D810, 105mm, +4 ND filter, circular polarizer, 2/5 of a second at f/36 and ISO 31, handheld with a slight intentional up-and-down motion; processed in ACR and Photoshop, using the Simplify, Glow, and Impressions plug-ins from Topaz Labs.

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Early registration discount—$500 off autumn photography in Italy

As actor Richard Gere has said, “NEVER turn down an opportunity to go to Italy!!!” We are pleased to offer a $500 per person early-registration discount on our 2016 destination photo workshops to Tuscany and to Venice. SO: Never turn down Italy, and don’t miss the savings for early registration!

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Click here for details about Under the Tuscan Skies with Harold Davis, and here for more information about Photograph Venice with Harold Davis.

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