French Signage

French signage found in small towns in "deep France" around the Dordogne: Enchanted Mushroom (for a speciality restaurant); Dog on a toilet (for a doggie run); and two pigs for…


iPhoneography as Art

iPhoneography can be art, and a great source of prints. Doodling with the iPhone apps in post-production is also a great way to stave off boredom. Here are two new…

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Window and Door

Always nice to photograph interesting windows and doors. Window (above) photographed in the back streets of St Emilion, France. Door (below) an iPhone capture in Bordeilles, with the Waterlogue version…


Wine Country

This image shows a rose-tinted reflection in the extension to the Chateau la Dominique vineyard near St Emilion, France designed by well-known architect Jean Nouvel.


Hang En Campsite

This is the first campsite on the way to Son Doong, just within the entrance to the Hang En cave. The trail leads down the rock slide you see in…


Tulips and a Clematis Vine

It's wonderful to be back---if only for a brief while---in the flowering springtime of northern California. It's always hard for me to resist spending some time photographing flowers, and today…

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Harold Davis: Talks at Google

Here's the recording of my recent interview and talk at Google regarding The Photographer's Black & White Handbook and the Zen of Photography! If the embedded video doesn't display, please…


Vietnamese Viagra

When a guy in Vietnam feels the need for an increase in, shall we say, manliness, potency, and virility, he reaches not for a little blue pill but rather for…

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Yesterday and Tomorrow

Danang is the third largest city in Vietnam, following Hanoi and HCMC ("Saigon"). The beach strip to the south of the city, across the road from the former US Army…


Field Trip in Hue

At the tomb of the last king of Vietnam, near Hue, I saw these cute kids on a school field trip. It's amazing how kids are kids the worldwide, regardless…

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