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Perfect Dandelion

It’s great to be home again after my interesting photographic tour of Romania, with domestic quests on hand like finding the perfect dandelion core!

Nucleus 1 (on Black) © Harold Davis

Nucleus II (on White) © Harold Davis

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Umbrellas over Bucharest

The Old Town of Bucharest, Romania seems like a really happening place. When the lights go down, the action comes out, and most likely, as Arlo Guthrie put it in the context of Alice’s restaurant, you can get anything you want (‘xceptin’ Alice). None of which explains why, turning down an unnamed alley and looking upwards towards the sky, I found these umbrellas. Mary Poppins en masse? An invasion of the umbrella body-snatchers? Neville Chamberlain rides again? If anyone knows, please enlighten me!

Umbrellas over Bucharest © Harold Davis

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Bran Castle

Bran Castle was originally a kind of customs checkpoint guarding a mountain pass. Perhaps because of its rugged appearance it has become associated with the Bram Stoker Dracula story, although the place has nothing to do historically with either Stoker or Vlad Dracula. It’s more associated with the royal family of Romania, who were ousted following the communist takeover at the end of the second world war. The children and grandchildren of the last prince got the title to the place restored after a long legal fight, and now operate it as a major tourist attraction.

Bran Castle © Harold Davis

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