Flowers that Remain

I had a great Photographing Flowers for Transparency workshop over the weekend, with a nice group of workshop participants who were eager to learn, and I think had fun! I'm…

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Nearly Perfect Poppy

Waking up to a morning of partial sunshine, I saw this new, glowing, orange Poppy blossom in the plantings along our front porch. It was definitely dappled and dawn-drawn. Although…


Nautilus X-Ray Series

I made this series of X-Ray and Fusion X-Ray Nautilus shell compositions in collaboration with Dr. Julian Köpke in April in Heidelberg using conventional digital x-ray equipment and DSLR cameras,…


Our Lady of Chartres

I recently was privileged to visit Chartres Cathedral with my group of Paris photographers. The upper two images were made inside Our Lady of Chartres with a fisheye lens and…

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