As George Carlin put it in one of his most memorable routines, a house is nothing but a pile of stuff with a cover on it. In contrast, I suppose…

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Playing with Lilies

There's nothing like a carpet of oriental lilies on my light box for photographic fun! Shown here with a few petunias, roses, and jasmine blooms to round out the prevailing…


Mallow and Friends

I like the way this light box image, never before blogged, shows the translucency of the rose petals with the mallow coming through, diffracted but loud and clear!

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My Artist Statement

I haven't reviewed the Artist Statement I wrote a number of years back for quite a while, and I recently had cause to take another look at my statement. I'm…


Nautilus Spiral Imagery

The graceful curve of the interior of the Nautilus shell is beloved by artists, and has often been a subject of my imagery. The other day, I placed a slice…


Weaving with Light

Recently I was asked, "Ok. I have to know what these are and how were these lovely pieces produced?" A fair question, but one I have some ambivalence about answering.…

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Angel’s Trumpets

Phyllis and Nicky came home with this branch from an Angel's Trumpets shrub (of the Brugmansia genus). They had cropped it from an overhanging specimen in the neighborhood. Since Brugmansia…

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All this, and Heaven too!

It's with great joy that I announce a full panoply of interesting workshops. What could be better than intriguing places, fun and interesting people, and the chance for exciting photography?…


Danse Macabre and the Tree of Life

Want more fantastic imagery? Check out Surreal Lady Fish, my Multiple Exposures portfolio of in-camera model photography, and a selection of Impossible composite imagery. The Danse Macabre a/k/a "The Dance…


Storm in a Bottle

Carefully diffusing blue and yellow pigment into a bottle filled with water; related to Easy Travel to Other Planets. "Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky."---Dust in the Wind,…

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