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St Ursula Street, Valletta

This is one of the interior streets in the compact, picturesque, and fortified city of Valletta, Malta. I don’t think there is anyplace else in the world like Valletta—and I’ll be writing more about Valletta and Malta when I get the chance—but despite the world-class uniqueness, this view up a long and narrow street somehow reminds me of a more pedestrian version of San Francisco (when it is in a noirish frame of mind!).

St Ursula Street, Valletta © Harold Davis

St Ursula Street, Valletta © Harold Davis

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This is a fisheye image of a side chapel in the ornate but beautiful St Lawrence parish church in Birgu, one of the “Three Cities” near Valetta, Malta.

© Harold Davis

Chapel in St Lawrence Parish Church, Malta © Harold Davis

Thanks to Louis A. for showing me around Malta today, and I appreciate the kind parish priest in the St. Lawrence church who was absolutely okay with me and my tripod!