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  • "Now, when I'm out on the weekends if I don't get lucky by the time the bar scene closes, I still can get a lucky photo with my camera, timer, headlamp and tripod in the truck."---Robert Bill

  • "I attribute my success to 1) your explanation of exposure and of reading the histogram and 2) the demonstration of your workflow. In addition to teaching me new things, you managed to clarify things that I already knew."---Randall Hake

  • "I did learn a lot besides a great weekend with wonderful folks"---K.S.

  • "I learned A LOT!! Harold is open to all questions and encourages them (a good thing)"---M.F.

  • Great job! There were quite a range of questions and you handled them all well. - Robert Cummings

  • Fantastic job!! Thanks so much - Judy Robinson

  • The information about developing a mind-set for the photo I'm seeking and to focus on the eyes were worth the whole hour. Thanks! - Mary Henry

  • Excellent shots and advice. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us. - Kirstie Jorgensen

  • Completely amazing photography, wonderful stories and information -Amberlee Batchelor

  • I love his photographs! -Amara Graps

  • As always his seminar was fun and informative. -Keith Ahlstrom

  • Glad you mentioned that essentially the best camera is the one you have with you. Although I do most of my more formal photography with a Nikon DSLR, I too get some very good shots with my Pentax point & shoot (WP30). - Robert Parillo

  • An excellent presentation. I would love to see more like this which include photography, and Photoshop. - Glenn Hellemann

  • He is a pleasure to listen to and learn from. - Margaret Torrance

  • Great idea and love to attend another one... - Yazeed AlGhuralbi

  • I have enjoyed your way of explaining the rules in a "Photo story" - Dalai AlKahlid

  • You capture the uniqueness of the individual. In spite of the work needed both before and after the shot, your images convey a spontaneity that is joyous. - Barb Sawyer

  • Thanks for a good presentation. I hope to attend your next workshop in Pt Reyes. I adore your lightbox photos and want to learn how to do this process. - Marcia Fasy

  • Harold shows up a series of photos and tips and most important was very clear about the way the photo was made that inspire. - Jose Betancour

  • Good presentation skills and really nice pictures of his kids! - Hanz Blix

  • Thank you for teaching me advanced photography. I get tired of webinars that are beginner's courses - this was very interesting and I walked away with more knowledge. - Leslie Lower

  • Very nice tone and honesty. Lots of good advice and support for budding photographer. I had to jump up several times to take a beautiful picture I saw forming outside my window - must have been an inspiring conversation! - Ann Levin

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the family shots and how they were used for real-life situations in photography. - Beth Pauley

  • Fabulous. I liked his modesty in presentation, combined with tremendous mastery of his subject - John Tarrant

  • Davis brings a refreshing new light on how to photo simple subjects - Susan Hainley

  • "Harold Davis did a very good job of explaining a complex subject. I can't get over the 'Awe' factor of low light and night photography!"---P.P.

  • "I definitely plan to attend further seminars by Harold Davis"---J.L.

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