Converting to Black & White

Converting to Black & White with Photoshop and Silver Efex Pro

01-title-BWWhile we see the world in color, black and white is important to the history of photography, and immediately recognized as distinctive and artistic. In this webinar Harold Davis, the author of several books on digital black and white technique, and the creator of widely exhibited black & white prints, explains his techniques and how he gets his extraordinary results.

He’ll show some of his images in the context of why he chooses to render them in black and white, then move on to the specifics of his unique and poswerful techniques for creating rich monochromatic images with extraordinary depth using Photoshop adjustments, Nik Silver Efex Pro and a workflow the takes advantage of the power inherent in Photoshop layers and masking!

 The Converting to Black & White with Harold Davis webinar covers:

  • Learning to see in black & white
  • Pre-visualizing black & white imagery
  • Black & white in a (digital) color world
  • Why black & white
  • Black & white workflow
  • Using black & white adjustments
  • Using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2
  • Enhancing color for great black & white
  • The black & white conversion layer stack
  • When (and how) to extend the dynamic range of black and white images

Want to move your photographic imagery from the mundane to the artistic? Then maybe black and white—and this webinar—is for you! Learn to hone your monochromatic skills in this extraordinary presentation from Harold Davis, one of the living masters of digital monochrome.

What one participant in past webinars has said: “Watching Harold work on his imagery, as he would in ‘real-life’, has helped me lock-in techniques that I had read about, but were only theoretical to me. It’s great to have multiple delivery channels for Harold’s information, and I now feel confident I can succeed.”

Another viewer adds, “I love your webinars!!!”

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