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Kids, Hiking, and a Warm Fire

It’s great that my kids love hiking. Nicky, shown above, is at the start of the Inspiration Point trail in Tilden Park near where we live. Julian, below, is shown on the Pine Mountain trail.

Julian on the Pine Mountain Trail

Of course, it’s also nice to come home to a warm fire. I photographed our family together on a low kids-height sofa using my self-timer and a low kids-height tripod. I used the ambient light from the room and fireplace, and a fairly long exposure (1/6 of a second). From left to right: Nicky (age 5), Phyllis, Mathew (he’s two), Harold, Julian (9). Perhaps it is but a reflection of reality that the kids look relaxed in front of the fire, and Phyllis and I look crazed and tired.

By the Fire

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Golden Gate from Wildcat Peak

I took this photograph from the top of Wildcat Peak in Tilden Park looking towards the Golden Gate at sunset, and hiked back down to the Inspiration Point parking lot in the dark. It was kind of chilly, but I had a jacket and my headlamp.

Here’s another photo from the same set that I processed a while ago. The trick with post-processing this image was to maintain the brilliance of the colors without letting them blow out.

I think you’ll agree that this correction is more successful than my earlier one. Here, I converted to the LAB color space and worked in both the A and B channels. Once I converted the image back to RGB, I used Levels to adjust the colors, particularly the red channel. So this image represents a two-step correction model.

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Photographers of a Feather

Phyllis and I left the kids with Rachel on Sunday and went for a hike in Tilden Park. We found this tail feather (I think it is from a hawk) on one of the ridges.

When I brought it home, I beamed light through the feather to bring out its colors and translucency. Then I photographed the feather extremely close-up.

Here’s another feather I photographed up close (click here for the original story about the feather):

Blue Feather, Boulder

View this photo larger.

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California Poppy Quartet

California poppies are native flowers that begin to dot the hills near us at this time of year.

The genus of this flower is Eschscholzia–named after Johann Friedrich Eschscholtz, the doctor on the Russian exploration vessel Rurik.

A part of California’s semi-forgotten early history, the Rurik explored California in the early 1800s. The expedition’s naturalist was one Adelbert von Chamisso. Von Chamisso was Eschscholtz’s good friend, which is why he named the genus after Eschscholtz. What a strange name for such a delicate and beautiful flower!

Perhaps the relationship between Eschscholtz and von Chamisso was like that of the wonderful Aubrey and Maturin duet, except stronger because they were both von Chamosso and Eschscholtz were men of science interested in botany.

I photographed these poppies on a hillside in Tilden Park a few days ago, on a hike with my nephew Peter and my son Julian.

California Poppy 2 California Poppy 3
California Poppy 1 California Poppy 4

California Poppy 4

View this photograph larger.

California Poppy 1

View this photograph larger.

California Poppy 3

View this photograph larger.

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Bay Sunset from Wildcat Peak

This afternoon I took off to Tilden Park with my photo gear to enjoy the sunshine. How nice the sun seems after all the rain we’ve had.

Wildcat Peak is a great vantage point for photographing Bay sunsets. It’s very dramatic, also cold and windy this evening. And a long trek down in the dark. But I’m glad I was there for sunset…

Golden Gate Glow

Check this photo out larger!

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These wonderful bush morning glories are California natives. Of course, they are small and fragile flowers.

I photographed them over the weekend in the Tilden Park Botanic Garden. The kids were running around like wild kids, my camera with macro lens and extension tubes were on the tripod, and it was hard to have the patience to wait for a lull in the breeze amid the cacophonic cries of “Daddy, Daddy!”

Still, you got to love glory morning or evening in whatever form it comes!

Bush Morning Glory

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Mount Diablo Sunrise

Julian and I took a hike in Tilden Park yesterday morning. Julian surprised me by hiking five miles or so without complaint.

Here’s one of the photos from the walk looking towards Mount Diablo–with a little help from my friend Photoshop.

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Mount Diablo

I drove to Inspiration Point in Tilden Park this morning after dropping Nicky off at pre-school. Here’s a photo from Inspiration Point of Mount Diablo with a trace remaining of fog…

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The Hills Turn Brown in the Summer

There’s an amazing wilderness less than a mile from me consisting of Tilden Park, Wildcat Canyon Regional Park, some other East Bay parks, and municipal water supply land. True, the water supply land (“EBMUD”) has its own private police force, and you need a special permit to hike in it.

But the rest of the area is accessed by beautiful trails. Once this was grazing and ranch lands, and you still find cows along with wild turkeys, the occassional mountain lion, and a wonderful variety of animals. It’s amazing that this is so close to San Francisco.

As folk singer and song writer Kate Wolf wrote in memorable lyrics:

Here in California fruit hangs heavy on the vines
There’s no gold I thought I’d warn you
And the hills turn brown in the summertime

The hills are indeed golden brown, and Julian and I went for a wonderful and strenuous hike in these golden hills in the wilderness in our back yard!


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Thistle Flower

Julian and I found this thistle flower with the shape of a star while we were hiking on the Quarry Trail in nearby Tilden Park.

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