Licensing images

Endless StairIf you’re searching for an extraordinary photo, you need to explore the digital imagery of Harold Davis.
Why settle for a generic stock photo? Each rights-managed image from Harold Davis has been handcrafted with the heart, skill, and vision of a true artist. His photos have been licensed across the globe for a wide range of uses, including book covers, greeting cards, art prints, corporate identity pieces, national and international advertising campaigns, and website home pages.

Finding your Harold Davis photo(s)

Literally thousands of Harold’s digital photos and image creations are cataloged on the internet at (Photoblog 2.0), and

You can easily search the (Photoblog 2.0) site using any keywords you’d like.


Harold Davis’s photographs can also be browsed by category in Flickr. Click here for a list of categories of Harold’s photos. For example, you can choose to browse photos illustrating the infinite, flowers, water drops, or imagery of Yosemite. Of course, there are many other categoriesto choose from as well!

You can also search through Harold’ s photos on Flickr using keywords.

Image file formats

Our JPEG files have been specially prepared for display on the web, and feature small file size with little reduction in image quality. For uses other than on the web, we can provide high-resolution files for all images, in JPEG, PSD, or TIFF file formats, in RGB or CMYK. Each image can be sized as you require. We will use our premium YouSendIt account, use FTP to provide access to the completed high resolution image file, or send you a disk with the file, as you prefer.

Exclusivity and copyright

Unless otherwise stated in writing, all licenses are for rights-managed, non-exclusive usage. The scope of the license granted is mutually negotiated, and set forth on our invoice and/or contract. All Harold Davis images are copyrighted and cannot be used for any purpose without explicit permission. We will take any and all actions necessary to protect our rights to our work.

Harold Davis prints

Harold Davis images are available as signed, handcrafted, archival prints. Each print ships with a certificate of authenticity. For more information about owning a Harold Davis print, please check out our Prints page or contact the studio. Harold Davis decor reproductions are also available from,, and PosterCartel.

Contacting the Harold Davis studio

We’re happy to hear from you, and eager to work on any licensing or assignment project. You’ll find complete contact information along with an email form on our Contact page.