Quotes about Harold Davis, his books, and his work

“While the text is compelling, the photographs are stunning and invite the reader to read even more.”—from PSA Journal review of Composition & Photography

“Harold Davis is the digital black and white equal of Ansel Adams’s traditional wet photography. Adams would be awed by Davis’s work. In The Photographer’s Black and White Handbook Davis presents a large number of his photographs, and virtually every one is a masterpiece, ready for gallery or museum exhibit.”Seattle Book Review, rated five out of five stars and cross-posted in the San Francisco Book Review

“Harold Davis’s ethereal floral arrangements have a purity and translucence that borders on spiritual.”—Popular Photo Magazine

“In The Photographer’s Black & White Handbook, Harold Davis unveils a universe of digital conversion tools as they apply to all genres, emphasizing not only technique but the unique editorial backstory that accompanies each of his powerful illustrations.”—Rangefinder Magazine

“Exceptionally well informed, thoroughly ‘user friendly’ in organization and presentation, exceptionally well written. Of special note are the beautiful photographs Harold Davis chosen from his own work to inspire and guide aspiring photographers.—Midwest Book Review

“One of the definitive books on black and white photography. It is both inspirational yet practical, with stunning imagery.”—Charles Defiore on Amazon

“Harold Davis is the consummate photographer, writer and educator”—D.Watson on Amazon

Achieving Your Potential As a Photographer looks great. What an accomplishment! I salute you. You’re gonna help a lot of people with this one.—Steven Pressfield, author of “The War of Art”

“This book [Achieving Your Potential] will enrich your photograph practice whether the goal is simply to enrich your photography or to make money from the work.”Bare Essentials Magazine

“Amazing teacher! Patient, knowledgeable, thoughtful and sharing, easy to learn from….What a gem!”—Sharon Garner

 “A great artist and speaker!”—W. Anglin

“Not all photographers are good verbal communicators. Harold is someone who can DO and TEACH. A rare combination of talents.”—B. Sawyer

“[Photographing Flowers is] a superb book with excellent attention to detail and infused with the author’s passion for his subject”—Digital Photographer Magazine, rated “Best Guide to Flower Photography”

“Das man aufgrund der sehr hohen Bildqualität und der exzellenten Texte wärmstens empfehlen kann.” [We can highly recommend this book due to the very high image quality and the excellent text.]—Fine Art Printer Magazine

“Harold Davis is the acknowledged maestro of HDR imaging…His comprehensive and readable creative tips, his workflow regimen and his powerful imagery will ignite (or reignite) your interest in black-and-white conversions with any subject you shoot. You’ll see Ansel Adams’ tonal spectrum appear in your landscapes and Edward Weston’s luminosity in your portraits. Welcome to yet another Davis title that belongs in your digital darkroom.”—Rangefinder Magazine

Waterdrops make ideal macro subjects but they aren’t photographed all that often. In this book [Photographing Waterdrops], Harold Davis shows us what we’re missing out on with a truly comprehensive guide to capturing beautiful images of water droplets. This isn’t a guide to creating water drop images using studio-based photography; all the images featured here were taken ‘in the wild’ and this is a guide to making the most of what you discover, whether it’s dew or raindrops. All in all, this is a truly great book about an underrated subject.”—Digital Photographer

“Harold Davis is a force of nature—a man of astonishing eclectic skills and accomplishments.”Rangefinder Magazine

The Way of the Digital Photographer by Harold Davis is all about the ‘camera-computer partnership’ of the digital medium. Using Photoshop as the editing software of choice, the very talented author takes you far beyond Photoshop 101. Instead, he focuses on ways to use Photoshop to enhance creativity, using incredible photography examples. …This [book] is…for people that want to go beyond the purist mentality; those willing to expand their photos into more artistic realm.”—Photo.net 

“Davis is a pioneer in a new art form—part photographer, part digital illusionist. He sees software and computer monitors as the new paintbrush and canvas… A renowned artist whose work has been widely published and collected, Davis is recognized for his night photography with its experimental ultra-long exposure techniques, vibrant and saturated colors, and composition. He’s also a master of what he calls the impossible image: photo composites that appear realistic, but upon closer inspection are surreal or manifestly impossible in the real world. A third theme is his creative florals and biological images which are often combined with digital painting to create pleasing, unusual effects.”—Rangefinder Magazine