Bouquet for Phyllis

Bouquet for Phyllis © Harold Davis

With love, gratitude, and appreciation to Phyllis for all she does to make my life complete, and for our family—and her patience, strength, and fortitude in the face of life’s vicissitudes. Thank you, Phyllis! I love you always.

FAQs on how I make this kind of image: Photographing Flowers for Transparency and Using a High-Key Layer Stack.

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Devotional Pose

Devotional Pose © Harold Davis

Click here for a related image, and here for more in my Multiple Exposure series.

Model: Muirina Fae

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Avatar or Artifact?

I made this image in collaboration with the beautiful model Muirina Fae. It’s an in-camera multiple exposure. There are some more details about how I made the image below. If you are interested in seeing more images like this one, you can click here to see more from my Multiple Exposures series.

Avatar © Harold Davis

It’s interesting to me that you can see different subject matter when the image is thumbnail sized, perhaps something organic, like a vegetable, rather than the actual, human form of the model.

Perhaps you see this too?

The model and I collaborated to make six choreographed exposures on a black background. Each exposure was lit by a single strobe from right and above. The camera was on a tripod to keep its position constant.

The model stood mostly on her right leg, and raised her left leg. Following some experimentation, we put her right leg in a black stocking, so that it blended into the black background, and makes her appear to be off the ground for the entirety of the exposures.

The six RAW exposures were combined in my camera using the Nikon D850’s multiple exposure menu. Following retouching and adjustments in Photoshop, I converted the image to monochromatic, then applied sepia and antiquing effects using Photoshop and plugins.

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Paul Klee in Wabi-Sabi’s Garden

Paul Klee in Wabi-Sabi’s Garden (Inversion) © Harold Davis

Paul Klee in Wabi-Sabi’s Garden © Harold Davis

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Detailed Malta Day-by-Day Itinerary; Workshop Opportunities

We’re delighted to have available the detailed itinerary for our November 2018 Destination Photography Workshop to Malta (as a PDF download). Making this visit especially timely: Valletta, Malta will be hosting the title of European Capital of Culture in 2018! This destination photography workshop includes many extras such as a Heritage Malta pass to most Maltese attractions for each participant. Click here for the detailed day-by-day itinerary (PDF) and here for the Reservation Form.

Other workshop notes: 

Long Exposure Wave Study 2 © Harold Davis

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New print on Moab Entrada Rag Textured

As you can see here, I just made a new print on Moab Entrada Rag Textured. I’m pleased with the way this came out, and I think the moderate texture of the paper contrasts but works very nicely with the styling of the image—a rendering of a coastal oak tree, with the image shown at the bottom of this story!

New Print on Entrada Rag Textured © Harold Davis

California Oak Tree © Harold Davis

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The Bouquet I left Behind

This is a handheld iPhone capture of a light box flower arrangement (the full resolution “big boy” camera version will follow in the due fullness of time). The light box in this capture is turned off, so essentially it is a white background with ambient front lighting. I processed the image on my iPhone using the Snapseed, Mextures, and DistressedFX apps.

The Bouquet I left Behind © Harold Davis


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Nicky Now and Then

Nicky Now © Harold Davis

Nicholas [“Nicky”] was three when I started this blog, and the subject of one of its first stories (photo below of Nicky Then)—the fourth story to be precise.

You can see from the photo of Nicky Now (above) that he has grown a great deal in the intervening years—but the essential character is still the same! I am very proud of Nicholas, he is truly a great guy.

My blog has also grown. In the thirteen intervening years I have posted literally thousands of stories, and thousands of photos.

Nicky Then © Harold Davis

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Ask Me Anything about Creativity and Inspiration

I am hosting an event on the Ask Me Anything feed. The way this works is that folks post questions (hence the “Ask Me Anything”) and I answer them, hopefully starting a dialog. The theme of my event is “inspiration and creativity.”

You can ask me a question whenever you like, but my answers will only be public once the event “goes live” on Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 4PM PST. Here’s a description of the event:

Ask Me Anything: Harold Davis, Internationally-Recognized Photographer, Workshop Leader, and Best-Selling Author

I am fortunate today to make my living licensing photos, making and exhibiting prints, leading workshops, and writing books. My work takes me all over the world and leads me into many adventures. I am a “photographer as poet,” meaning that my photographs have a poetic narrative. I make the images I want, and make a living from them.

You can learn more about my work on my website, also read my blog, and note my upcoming workshops and events, and browse my published book titles on Amazon.

Besides photography and writing, I have been a fine art painter, have a law degree, and have worked as a computer programmer and software developer. I have crossed the Brooks Range—the northern most mountains in Alaska—as a solo hiker. In the early days, I had a studio in New York, and hung from helicopters photographing the World Trade Towers. 

In my life and work, the most important aspect of my talent is inspiration and creativity. So inspiration and creativity always interest me, no matter what the field, whether it involves technology, writing, photography, or art. How do we find inspiration, and how do we stay passionate and creative?

Click here to ask me anything about passion, inspiration, and creativity!

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Red Anemone

Yesterday we decided it was time to do some spring planting so I would have flowers to photograph and so our garden would look pretty. We came home with a few bulbs, some poppy plants, and a red anemone. Of course, the first thing I wanted to do was to photograph a red anemone flower blooming on our small plant on my light box!

Red Anemone © Harold Davis

Anemones are named after the mythological Greek spirits of the wind, because of how nicely they bob around in a breeze.

If you love anemones as much as I do you might like to check out some of my other anemone photos. Here are some other anemone images of mine: An Amazing Amalgamation of Anemones; Anemone Fun; Anemones; Core of the Anemone; Anemone on Black; White Anemone; Anemone Japonica.

These images of course go back a number of years. You can see these and more via a keyword search for “anemone” on my blog!

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Bullseye © Harold Davis

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Night and Low Light Photography in Heidelberg, Germany (August 2018)

I am pleased to announce the opening for registration of my Night & Low Light Photography workshop in Heidelberg, Germany! The dates are August 19-20, 2018. Click here for the registration link and info (it is in German but you can read a translation here); don’t worry, I will be teaching in English! Please consider exploring Heidelberg with me. You can check out some of my night and low light images by clicking here.

How Long Must Eye Wait? © Harold Davis

Workshop Overview: This two-day workshop includes field photography in several locations and covers the theory and practice of night and low light photography. There is great joy in learning more about what Vincent van Gogh termed “the colors of the night.” In addition, and perhaps more important, low light photography techniques cut across a wide gamut of photographic genres. Becoming comfortable with these techniques will enhance the arsenal of photographers at any level of sophistication.

The workshop will feature many of the field and processing techniques shown in Harold’s books Creative Night Photography and The Photoshop Darkroom.

Click here for the registration link and info.

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Black and White Photography in Heidelberg, Germany (August 2018)

I am pleased to announce the opening for registration of my Black & White Photography workshop in Heidelberg, Germany! The dates are August 17-18, 2018. Click here for the registration link and info (it is in German but you can read a translation here); don’t worry, I will be teaching in English! Please consider exploring Heidelberg with me (here are some of my images and stories from previous visits to Heidelberg)!

Nautilus in Black & White

Nautilus in Black & White © Harold Davis

Workshop Overview: Master Photographer Harold Davis will guide participants in all aspects of modern monochromatic digital photography and processing. Workshop participants will take advantage of several Heidelberg locations, with field destinations to be determined depending on weather and group predilections. 

Classroom sessions will discussion vision, craft, and technical issues related to modern monochromatic practice.

Click here for the registration link and info.

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Davis Family Portrait

I gathered the family for a portrait in our backyard, with the camera on a tripod, and using the self-timer to get me in the group. I’m often asked when I am traveling about my family, and since I have some exciting travel later this year I wanted to have something recent to show people. Besides, the years go by so quickly, and it is good to make some images of the kids as time passes.

Davis Family Portrait © Harold Davis

Back row (from left to right): Phyllis, Julian, and Mathew.

Front row: Katie Rose, Nicky, and Harold.

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Star Magnolia

Star Magnolia—magnolia stellata—is one of my favorite flowers. In the past I’ve photographed magnolia stellata for transparency here, as an upright branch, and as a light box panorama.

The two photos in this story are made in the field. I photographed these new stellata blossoms on location down the block, with the idea of contrasting the center of each flower with the softness of the stellata petals.

Magnolia Stellata B © Harold Davis

Magnolia Stellata © Harold Davis

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