Composition and Photography Masterclass by Harold Davis

Please consider joining me for an online Composition and Photography Masterclass sponsored by RockyNook. 

Thursday, July 11, 2024 at 10am PT; click here to register.

Description: Learn the fundamentals of composition in photography with internationally renowned artist and photographer Harold Davis.

“To create exciting compositions, you must have a willingness to embrace serendipity and change as part of your artistic process. After all, composition is a process not a result” – Harold Davis

Good composition is a fundamental building block of photography. It is easy to recognize, but hard to achieve. In this live 2-hour online masterclass and Q&A, internationally renowned artist, photographer and best-selling Rocky Nook author Harold Davis well help guide photographers at any level to improve their compositions. Read more below the image!

Meditation © Harold Davis

What will be covered?

  • Work with shapes such as lines, circles, and rectangles
  • Understand directionality, entering, and exiting in composition
  • Work with patterns and repetition
  • Recognize and use positive and negative space
  • Use the various kids of abstractions in your own work


  • Learn the fundamentals of composition
  • Help to develop your own personal style
  • Inspire your creativity


This online course will be recorded – As a participant you will be sent a password-protected link to the video recording to re-watch at your convenience.

About the Presenter

Harold Davis is an artist, photographer, educator, and the bestselling author of many books. His most recent books include Composition & PhotographyCreative Garden Photography, and Creative Black & White, all from Rocky Nook.  

Harold is the developer of a unique technique for photographing flowers for transparency, for which he was awarded the 2022 Photographic Society of America Progress award. According to Popular Photo Magazine, “Harold Davis’s ethereal floral arrangements have a purity and translucence that borders on spiritual.”  

Harold is also known as a master of black and white. The Seattle Times put it this way: “Harold Davis is the digital black and white equal of Ansel Adams’s traditional wet photography.” He is a Moab Master, and a Zeiss Ambassador, and an internationally known photographer, as well as a sought-after workshop leader. In 2022 and 2024, a number of Harold’s floral images were produced as United States postage stamps. 

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