Photographing Flowers for Transparency | Free Webinar hosted by B&H Photo

Please consider joining me for a free webinar hosted by B&H Photo on February 8, 2024 at noon Pacific Time (3pm ET). Click here for more info, to register, and to view.

X-Ray Floral Medley Fusion © Harold Davis

In this detailed presentation, Harold Davis shows his stunning floral imagery and explains in detail his process for light box photography. Botanical composition, exposure, and post-production will all be explained.

Harold says: “Light box photography is a joy on its own, and is a great form of photography to practice at home with relatively minimal investment in equipment. In addition, techniques that can be learned from light box photography cut across myriad aspects of photography—such as exposure and composition—and will enrich all aspects of your photographic practice.”

Special attention is paid to issues of visual representation, such as chiaroscuro, that have been integral to photography since its beginning, and to fine art painting since the Renaissance. Harold will use his innovative techniques to demonstrate digital techniques that allow the artist to deconstruct and reconstruct the scene in front of the camera, thereby allowing pinpoint control over the final image.

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