Proteus X-Ray

If you ask photographers what is most important to them about their photography you may well get an answer like "revealing things that are otherwise hidden" or "showing the world…


Fusion X-Rays

These two flower images are fusion X-Rays: one part medical X-Ray combined with one part light box photo. I created them last month in collaboration with my friend Dr Julian…

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Nautilus X-Ray Series

I made this series of X-Ray and Fusion X-Ray Nautilus shell compositions in collaboration with Dr. Julian Köpke in April in Heidelberg using conventional digital x-ray equipment and DSLR cameras,…


X-Ray Flower Medley Fusion

This image combines---hence the term "fusion"---the x-ray version of the floral medley composition with a translucent version of the same arrangement photographed in alignment on a light box.


Bird of Paradise X-Ray

This is an x-ray photograph of a Strelitzia reginae, commonly known as the Bird of Paradise flower. More: X-Ray and Fusion X-Ray Gallery; FAQ: X-Ray Photos of Flowers; X-Ray Photography and…


Campanulas X-Rays

I write this from the train from Frankfurt to Berlin, where Julian K. and I are sitting in a first class car at the all-important table, with the all-important wi-fi…

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