Monochromatic Visions

Monochromatic Visions is a limited edition portfolio of twelve spectacular black & white prints by master photographer Harold Davis

Click here for the video of the Monochromatic Visions portfolio. The current price for the portfolio is $1,200. Please contact the studio for more information. Thanks.

Nautilus by Harold Davis

Nautilus © Harold Davis

Monochromatic Visions is a highly collectible, limited edition portfolio of twelve prints by master photographer Harold Davis. The carefully curated prints in this collection have been printed by hand in the Harold Davis studio on Moab Slickrock. Each print is hand signed in acid-free ink and hand-inscribed with the image’s title.

Falcon Motorcycle by Harold Davis

Falcon Motorcycle © Harold Davis

The Monochromatic Visions prints are presented in a handsome portfolio box with informational inserts including a vellum overlay and image data. The portfolio box presentation includes a book plate, with editioning information and the hand signature of the artist.

The Monchromatic Visions portfolio presentation is strictly limited to twelve numbered copies, plus three artist proofs.

Agaves by Harold Davis

Agaves © Harold Davis

The photographs in Monochromatic Visions were created using high-dynamic range (HDR) techniques that will be explained in Harold Davis’s forthcoming book Monochromatic HDR Photography from Focal Press. This process involves sequential multiple digital RAW exposures, or a single RAW exposure processed multiple times. The blended exposures or processes are then rendered into a single color master file. The final color version of the image is then remastered to monochrome, using innovative layering and processing techniques invented by Harold Davis.

Road Less Traveled by Harold Davis

Road Less Traveled © Harold Davis

Monochromatic Visions limited edition pricing:

Edition Number Price
1-3 $600   Sold out
4-6 $1200 Only one left at this price!
7-9 $1800
10-12 TBD

The publication date for Monochromatic Visions is July 1, 2013. To order a copy of the limited edition portfolio or for more information, please contact the studio at 510.528.9977 or by email at

Links for more information:

Lonely Islet by Harold Davis

Lonely Islet © Harold Davis

About Harold Davis

Harold Davis is a widely recognized master artist, and a leading contemporary photographer. His work is commissioned, collected and exhibited widely.

Harold Davis has been acknowledged as a Moab Master for his printmaking prowess. His work demonstrates that advances in the technology and craft of digital photography have created an entirely new medium that begins with photography and continues as digital art. This extraordinary imagery builds on the masterworks of the past while embracing revolutionary innovations in photography.

Harold Davis is the author of more than 30 bestselling books, including “Creating HDR Photos: The Complete Guide to High Dynamic Range Photography” (published by the Amphoto imprint of Random House) and “Photographing Flowers: Exploring Macro Worlds with Harold Davis” (published by Focal Press).

Botanical prints by Harold Davis are particularly sought after. As Popular Photography Magazine noted, “Harold Davis’s ethereal floral arrangements have a purity and translucence that borders on the spiritual.”

In this regard, it is worth pointing to Botanique, the limited edition artist book of Harold Davis botanical art that originated as a successful Kickstarter project. Here’s what some collectors of Botanique have said about Botanique:

  • “I didn’t open it until last night because I was really busy and wanted to take time to savor every page.  It’s BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you very much.”—S.M.
  • “I had time today to sit down and slowly admire each and every page of your amazing book. It is absolutely gorgeous…a true collector’s item…and is a reflection of the beauty and light within you both. I’m honored to be one of the people who has the privilege to own this book and will treasure it always.”—B.A.
  •  ”Arrived home from France this evening to find my copy of Botanique waiting for me . . . the book and accompanying prints are indescribably beautiful.”—B.G.
  • “All I can say is WOW. What a magnificent piece of work this is.  It seems that each time I turn the pages I find something different and unique to look at in each of the flowers.What a masterpiece.  My words cannot do it justice.I am proud to own this exquisite artwork.”—I.H.
  • “That would have to be the most beautiful floral photography I’ve seen!”

Click here to read more about Botanique.

We believe that Monochromatic Visions may well be as highly sought after as Botanique, with at least comparable increase in price following the conclusion of the Monochromatic Visions Kickstarter campaign.

The twelve images in the Monochromatic Visions portfolio

Monochromatic Visions Sponsors

I am deeply grateful to the following sponsors and benefactors whose generosity has made Monochromatic Visions possible:

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Corinne Bachmann
Jennifer Chu
Geoff Cooper
Gary Cornell
Joe Josephs
Andrew Lohmann
David Matthews
Tim Morgan
Moab Paper
David & Lynore Prince
Beverly Anderson Sanchez
Marc Schotland
Judith Tillson
William Wardlaw