Katie Rose and the Swallow

Alas, Katie has had a sinus infection, and antibiotics have been prescribed. She has graduated from solution to pills, but she does not like swallowing them, and makes a production…


I Heart Mom

Here's a portrait of her Mom that Katie Rose made using her pastels. I can sure see the spirit and the likeness in this drawing!


Katie and Mask

Katie Rose loves to draw and paint, and make things like the mask shown in the photo. If you ask her, she'll tell you she wants to be an artist…


My Karate Kids

My Karate kids and Karate spouse, Phyllis, Julian, Nicky, Mathew, and Katie Rose are shown at the Rohai Dojo in Berkeley, California where my family learns Cuong Nhu, a Vietnamese…


Katie Rose is Five

Yesterday we celebrated Katie's fifth birthday with parties at Step One (her preschool) and at home. Katie Rose is a charming, wonderful little girl---and living proof that there are miracles.…

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Katie Rose in Tiger Paint

Up at Step One, Amber face-painted all the pre-schoolers. Our Katie Rose became a tiger---not inappropriate for someone born with her fierce life force and will to survive. She's also very sweet,…

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