Katie’s PDA Has Gone Away

Katie's PDA Has Gone Away, photo by Harold Davis. Katie Rose turned one last week, and yesterday we brought her into the pediatric cardiology clinic at Children's Hospital, following up…


Happy Birthday, Katie Rose

First Birthday, photo by Harold Davis. Katie Rose was one year old today. Chronologically, that is. Meaning that she was literally born one year ago. Her "corrected" age, which is…

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Kicking Up Her Heels

Katie Rose's chronological first birthday is fast approaching. Of course, she's not really a one year old. Her "corrected" age, as they say, is about eight months (this counts from…

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Working on Our Book

Working on Our Book, photo by Harold Davis. While Phyllis works on our book that is coming out next, The Photoshop Darkroom: Creative Digital Post-Processing, to be published by Focal…

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We spent a day with Katie Rose at the Whitney Clinic for developmental followup at six months gestationally corrected. This was a tiring day for Katie (and for us), but…

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Katie Rose Is Fine

Katie Rose in the Bath, photo by Harold Davis. Katie Rose is doing the normal baby things. She enjoys her bath. She weighes over fifteen pounds. She's gaining the strength…


Feeling Better

Feeling Better, photo by Harold Davis. It's great to have Katie Rose beginning to feel better after her recent cold. Thanks to everyone who asked after her!



Cold, photo by Harold Davis. This is Katie Rose's first cold, and it is not a pretty picture. Because of her damaged lungs (normal for a 24-week preemie who spent…

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Tummy Tyme

Tummy Tyme, photo by Harold Davis. Katie Rose is learning to lift her head while she is on her tummy. She is helped in this endeavor by her mommy, and…


Written in Milk

Sharing, photo by Harold Davis. It's good to learn sharing early. When Katie Rose was in the NICU, Phyllis pumped large quantities of breast milk for her. The inventory far…


Dear President Obama

My eleven-year-old son Julian was given a fifth-grade school assignment to write a letter to President-elect Obama. Julian composed his letter on his own, and I'm reproducing it here with…

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