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Snoozing with Katie Rose


Snoozing, photo by Harold Davis.

It’s virtually impossible to keep awake with a sleeping baby on one’s chest—as you can see in this shot Phyllis took of me snoozing with Katie Rose.

I am glad to have this photo, because who photographs the photographer? I don’t often appear in family photos.

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Creative Night Advance Copy

Creative Night Advance Copy

Creative Night Advance Copy, photo by Harold Davis.

As usual, Katie Rose gets the first crack at the advance copy of our new book. She’s shown here looking at the back cover of Creative Night: Digital Photography Tips and Techniques. Phyllis, my partner in life and book-creating crime, looks on in amusement.

Other advance copy shots: Katie tries to eat Creative Composition; Katie considers the case studies in The Photoshop Darkroom.

Creative Night by Harold Davis

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Advance Copy of Creative Composition

Advance Copy Creative Composition

Advance Copy Creative Composition, photo by Harold Davis.

In keeping with family tradition, the first look at the advance copy of our new book Creative Composition: Digital Photography Tips & Techniques went to Katie Rose.

She thinks the book looks good enough to eat. Literally. And I’m delighted with how the book came out. This is very exciting for me.

Creative Composition is not a traditional composition primer. As I note in the introduction, this “is not a book about Art School rules. This is a book about becoming a better photographer.”

Creative Composition by Harold Davis

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Tasty, photo by Harold Davis.

What do Katie Rose and Harry Potter have in common? They both survived.

Katie Rose on a Warm Afternoon

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Katie Rose Presents

Advance Copy

Advance Copy, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger.

When the advance copy of The Photoshop Darkroom was delivered just now to our front door, Katie Rose couldn’t wait to get started with creative digital post-processing.

I didn’t see her computer anywhere, but she seemed to be having a good time trying to digest our new book, um, literally. Mom and Dad are also very pleased, the book looks great!

You’ll find more information about The Photoshop Darkroom, and links to sample content below the cover image.

Front and back cover (PDF)
Table of Contents (PDF)
Introduction (PDF)
Sample content (Expanding tonal range by using layers, a layer mask and gradient to multi-RAW process a landscape, PDF)

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Katie Rose in the Bath

Katie Rose in Color

Katie Rose in Color, photo by Harold Davis.

Katie Rose is always cute (in my biased opinion). Here she has a strange hairdo in the bath!

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The Way Things Are

Katie Rose Today

Katie Rose Today, photo by Harold Davis.

On this date one year ago Katie Rose came home from the hospital. You can see her in today’s photo smiling and happy, and eating a graham cracker. Actually, she gums the cracker because she doesn’t have any teeth yet—and does a pretty good job of it. She is full of life, and a great member of our family.

One year ago she looked a bit like a stuffed piglet in her car seat (no offense Katie Rose, see the photo below, shown in the same car seat as above, you can use as a growth comparison). Here’s the story about Katie Rose coming home from the NICU. At that point, we were still in shock, a little less so now.

Katie in Car Seat 1

What a difference a year makes!

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One Year Ago

Katie Rose loves to play, and gets great joy from simple things. She’s shown here playing with her double in a mirror.

Double Trouble

What a difference a year makes! Back then, she was the tiny thing shown below who had just found her thumb for the first time.


And we spent our Independence Day last year paying a family visit to the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit). In contrast, today I’ll be out photographing.

Katie's Family

A year ago, things were beginning to look up but we had no idea how well Katie Rose would do. Katie Rose sends a message of hope, joy, and the possibility of miracles. And, yes, she does still like to play Peek-a-Boo.

Background on Katie Rose:

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Peek-a-boo. Where’s Katie? There’s Katie Rose!

There's Katie

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Katie Rose Swinging

Katie Rose Swinging

Katie Rose Swinging, photo by Harold Davis.

Katie Rose’s core muscle strength has improved to the point that she can enjoy swinging. Today was the first time she was able to hold herself upright in the swing at the playground—you can see she did so with great joy!

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Katie’s PDA Has Gone Away

Katie's PDA Has Gone Away

Katie’s PDA Has Gone Away, photo by Harold Davis.

Katie Rose turned one last week, and yesterday we brought her into the pediatric cardiology clinic at Children’s Hospital, following up on her PDA.

Now, when you hear the acronym PDA you may be tempted to think “Personal Digital Assitant” or “Public Display of Affection”. For us this past year, PDA has meant Patent Ductus Arteriosus, a congenital heart defect common in preemies.

We had a great sonographer, who imaged Katie’s heart extensively and carefully. For once, Katie Rose actually cooperated with the process.

Our great good news: Hey, hey, Katie Rose’s PDA has gone away. As in, vanished, disappeared, taken care of itself without intervention. As in, no further follow up care. As in, no further visits to the somewhat grim cardiology clinic at Children’s Hospital. Yeah!

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Happy Birthday, Katie Rose

First Birthday

First Birthday, photo by Harold Davis.

Katie Rose was one year old today. Chronologically, that is. Meaning that she was literally born one year ago. Her “corrected” age, which is an indication of where she is developmentally, is between eight and nine months. This corresponds to the age she would be if she had made it to full term. (Parse that sentence for verb tense!)

We had a small first birthday party with a single candle with the boys and Grandma Barbara. The guest of honor presided on the table. She didn’t know what to make of the candle, but enjoyed all the attention. The boys enjoyed the cake, and Julian enjoyed holding his sister. Katie Rose has come a long way in a year.

Julian Holds Katie Rose

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Kicking Up Her Heels

Katie Rose’s chronological first birthday is fast approaching. Of course, she’s not really a one year old. Her “corrected” age, as they say, is about eight months (this counts from when she would have been born had she been full term).

Katie Kicking

Developmentally, depending on what specific aspect you are looking at, she’s roughly in the seven to ten month range. Her gross motor skills are the biggest single issue. Since she has no mobility, she’s either put down or carried everywhere. This is frustrating her, but she’ll be getting some physical therapy to help. It’s clear that she’ll be very happy when she can lift up her torso, and begin to crawl.

Still, any excuse for a party is good. I think Katie is kicking up her heels with glee because she knows it’s her first birthday party soon. Katie is so full of life.

For me, remembering back a year brings a frisson of acknowledgement of how thin the membrane is that separates life and death. Katie was poised on the razor’s edge between life and death for longer than I care to think.

Katie Rose is a miracle and stands for hope against all odds. But there’s an alternate universe out there in which I’m a widower with three boys, and Katie is dead, or a vegitable. So I am counting my manifest blessings.

Stories from a year ago: The Day My Daughter Was Born; The Birth of Katie Rose.

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Hello World

Lensbaby Baby

Lensbaby Baby, photo by Harold Davis.

Dear World,

My Dad likes to photograph me with all kinds of weird lenses, first the fisheye and now this Lensbaby Composer with a plastic lens. Dad says he switched in a plastic lens, and trained the “sweet spot” on my eyes so that they are in focus and the background blurred. What are you going to do when your father is a photographer? Sometimes he gets into Photoshop and makes me look like an old painting. I think that’s funny.

Anyway, World, here I come! My Dad has taken me to playgrounds for the first time, and I’ve met girls my own age named Ingrid and Samantha. Dad can’t resist telling their moms the story of my birth, how small I was when I was born, and how I beat the odds. Dad says they gave me a “low single digit percentage chance” and that I am a true miracle.

So I say, World, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Here comes Katie Rose!

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Working on Our Book

Working on Our Book

Working on Our Book, photo by Harold Davis.

While Phyllis works on our book that is coming out next, The Photoshop Darkroom: Creative Digital Post-Processing, to be published by Focal Press, Katie Rose snoozes on her lap. Another example of multitasking with kids, Phyllis is participating in life as an InDesign wonkette and a heated baby sleep platform.

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