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Eight Eight Is Great

Eight Eight Is Great

Eight Eight Is Great, photo by Harold Davis.

At the pediatrician yesterday, Katie Rose weighed eight pounds and eight ounces (about 3,856 grams). This is more than four times her birth weight of one pound fourteen ounces (840 grams). Eight eight is great. Go, Katie, go!

840 grams is big for a 24-week “micro” preemie, but tiny in the overall scheme of things. It’s wonderful and miraculous to see Katie bulking up so quickly, and enjoying her young life.

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Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger.

Briefly noted: Katie Rose can’t dance (yet). But she sure does wiggle and squirm. So I shot these five captures in quick succession and then combined them as a composite in Photoshop to create the illusion of dancing, or leaping, into her future.

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Katie Rose in a Pink Dress

Katie Rose in a Pink Dress

Katie Rose in a Pink Dress, photo by Harold Davis.

The pink dress was a gift for Katie Rose from her great aunt Adelaide. Phyllis wanted a photo of Katie Rose wearing the dress to send to Adelaide.

When I photograph kids, I sometimes like to ask them to jump for me. I couldn’t very well ask Katie Rose to jump, as she can’t walk or even crawl yet. So I photographed her lying on a black velvet background to create a virtual jump.

On another note, today is Katie Rose’s theoretical due date, even though she was actually born in early May. Welcome to the world, Katie Rose: you are our miracle.

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Holding Katie Rose at Home

Holding Katie Rose

Holding Katie Rose, photo by Harold Davis.

Since Katie Rose has come home from the NICU we hold her alot. We remember how tiny she was, and what a miracle she is. Mostly we just take care of her and enjoy having her home.

When Katie Rose sleeps, so often does her mom:

Sleeping Beauties

When Katie’s grandparents come to visit, they like to hold her too:

Katie and Her Grandparents

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Bathing Katie Rose

Bathing Katie Rose

Bathing Katie Rose, photo by Harold Davis.

This was Katie Rose’s first bath at home. Katie Rose enjoys the process of her bath (not all babies do). After her bath, Katie smells sweet and we can certainly say that Katie Rose by any other name would smell as sweet…

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Baby Face

Baby Face

Baby Face, photo by Harold Davis.

Briefly noted: This is a close-up of Katie Rose’s face. It’s probably closer up than you might think, and certainly in macro territory.

I used my Nikkor 18-200 zoom lens with a Kenko 36mm extension tube, hand held, taking advantage of image stabilization. When I use this zoom lens with an extension tube, I leave the focus at one setting, and focus on my subject by position. Next, I fine tune the focus using the zoom ring to alter designated focal length—which also changes the point of focus. A little weird, but it works.

[Nikon D300, 18-200mm VR zoom lens at 120mm, 36mm extension tube, 1/15 of a second at f/5.3 and ISO 2,000, hand held using vibration reduction.]

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Katie Rose at Home

Katie at Home

Katie at Home, photo by Harold Davis.

It’s been a week since we brought Katie Rose home from the NICU. There’s been some adjustment, of course, to having a newborn in the house, but mostly it is bliss watching her thrive. She is now in the vicinity of seven pounds, passed her hearing test, and seems very unlikely to develop ROP (one of the scourges of prematurity). Altogether, Katie Rose remains a miracle.

When we took Katie Rose in for her pediatrician visit she was weighed on a doctor’s scale:

Weighing Katie Rose

The next day we had a home visit from two nurses who had a more ad-hoc weighing device:

Weighing Katie at Home

Katie Rose likes to dress up, or more accurately, her mom likes to dress her up (fair enough after three boys!), and she doesn’t seem to mind. This outfit was a present for Katie Rose from Nurse Ashlee, who took care of her in the NICU:

Katie Rose Clotheshorse

Julian, Nicky, and Mathew are really pleased to have Katie Rose home. This is absolutely true of Julian and Nicky, and mostly true of Mathew. This photo shows Katie Rose and Nicky on the rug:

Katie and Nicky

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Bringing Katie Rose Home

It took Phileas Fogg eighty days to go around the world in the Jules Verne novel, and it’s been eighty days and change since the birth of Katie Rose. Our darling baby girl is home. What a gift and miracle!

Katie Rose Davis

Yesterday we brought Katie Rose home. When we arrived at the NICU, nurse Denise had started the preparations for Katie’s discharge.

Nurse Denise Discharges Katie

Denise promised to come visit Katie Rose at home in our “four ring” circus. Then Dr Nancy came by to go over the discharge instructions with us.

Dr Nancy Says 'Good Bye' to Katie

You can see Katie Rose in the photo on Phyllis’s lap waving good bye to Dr Nancy. Then Denise unplugged the monitor leads, and removed the adhesive pads that kept the leads in place on Katie. The red rings on her torso you can see in the photo come from these monitor pads, but Denise was very gentle, the marks went away quickly.

Unplugging Katie

We put Katie in her car seat, put the car seat on a stroller, and Denise helped us out to the car. There was plenty of congratulatory waving, hugging, and some tearful eyes. The lower photo below shows Katie’s car seat insert, which we’ll use until she gets a bit bigger.

Katie in Car Seat 1

Katie in Car Seat 2

Katie Rose has been home a full 24 hours now. The boys love having her, want to hold her, and tiptoe around looking at her. Sleep is in short supply as Katie adjusts to her new environment and we adjust to her. We love her so much!

Katie is shown below in an ad-hoc basinette on our kitchen table.

Baby in a Bin

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Katie Is Coming Home

Katie Rose's Face

Katie Rose’s Face, photo by Harold Davis.

When we got to the hospital today we were delighted to find Katie Rose without tape on her face. She’s been off her oxygen cannula for a few days, but they left the tape cannula holder thingees in place in case she needed to go back on oxygen. You can see the setup in this photo.

So the absence of the tape things was a sign of medical confidence that she was fine on room air, good news indeed, and good to see Katie’s face unbound, but better news was coming.

We learned that Katie Rose can now eat as much as she wants. She gets to determine the pace, provided it is at least 100 mililiters a nursing shift. Digesting this positive info, we were startled when Norma, the social worker, came up to us, and told us that Katie Rose is coming home Monday.

Of course, there’s some insurance stuff to deal with, paper work, and a car seat stress test. As Norma put it, after they’ve taken care of Katie Rose this long [it’s been eighty days] they’re not about to kick her out before she is ready. If something seems off in Katie’s performance between now and Monday, they’ll delay her release. But at this point it seems like Katie is coming home.

Our girl is coming home. We’re very excited and the boys are singing (to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”), “Katie’s coming home, Katie’s coming home, Hi ho the Dairy-o, Katie’s coming home!”

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Magic of the Mundane

Katie's Bottle

Katie’s Bottle, photo by Harold Davis.

This is a photo of one of the small, plastic bottles used to feed Katie Rose her fortified breast milk. It’s amazing how photography can make mundane objects magical. Making the mundane magical creates fetish objects, and is the stock-in-trade of advertising.

Related objects: Pacifier; Katie Likes Her Binkie (scroll to the bottom of the story).

[Nikon D300, Zeiss Macro 100mm f/2 ZF Makro-Planar T* Manual Focus Lens, three combined exposures from one second to 4 seconds at f/22 and ISO 100, tripod mounted; photographed on a white background and inverted in Photoshop.]

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Katie’s Smile

Katie's Smile

Katie’s Smile, photo by Harold Davis.

When we visit Katie Rose in her new quarters in NICU West she opens her eyes, glad to see us. Temperature checked, diaper changed, she’s ready for lunch. She drinks her fill from bottle and breast, then burps, and smiles with content. Katie’s smile makes us so happy.

What a long way she’s come!

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The Progress of Katie Rose

Katie Rose is progressing. The NICU at CPMC is organized into three different rooms: North is where babies are admitted, first treated and evaluated; East is where babies grow long term; and West is where babies who are going home soon stay. It’s a lower stress environment. There are no procedures and no really sick babies in NICU West, and it is even near the well-baby nursery.

The Quest for Milk

Yesterday when we visited Katie we took her temperature, changed her, let her breast feed, gave her a bottle, and just hung out for a while. Then we had to go home to pick up the boys from Fencing Camp.

We were on our way out when the charge nurse, Erin, came running in to ask if we would help move Katie to NICU West. You bet we said “yes” in a heartbeat!


Katie Rose was snoozing in her basinette. We collected her things and Erin unplugged her. Then we wheeled her down the hall in her progress towards a new life.

Katie Looking at Me

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Doing Normal Baby Things

It’s great to see Katie Rose doing normal baby things. She’s still monitored and in the NICU, still on supplemental oxygen, and still gets most of her calories via a feeding tube. That said, she breast feeds, drinks from a bottle, burps, poops, and goes to sleep on the drop of a dime—just like a normal full-term baby.

Yesterday, I got to feed Katie a bottle. I loved looking at her eyes, with her little fingers touching my hand as I fed her.

Bottle Feeding Katie

After she had drunk her fill, Phyllis held Katie Rose on her shoulder and helped her burp.

After the Bottle

Katie Rose looks so plump and happy, just like a normal baby doing normal baby things.

Katie Content

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Without Training Wheels

Without Training Wheels

Without Training Wheels, photo by Harold Davis.

Katie is now without tubes, not all the time, but sometimes when she is feeding, and for hours at a stretch. Partly, she’s engineered this herself, by repeatedly pulling the oxygen canula out of her nose.

As Dr Chris put it, she’s riding without training wheels.

Precious Rose

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Feeding Katie Rose

Katie and Bottle

Katie and Bottle, photo by Harold Davis.

Katie Rose is sneaking up on five pounds. She is doing so well. A couple of days ago, on her first try, she “got” bottle feeding. She still needs to get most of her calories from her stomach tube, but this will change over time.

Burping Katie

When Phyllis comes to visit the NICU these days, first there’s a bit of breast feeding, then Katie gets a bottle. With stops along the way for burping, and micro naps for Katie Rose so she has the strength to keep feeding. With wonderful baby grunting and burbling noises as Katie Rose progresses.

Katie's Micro Nap

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