Speaking Truth to Flower

This is the time of year when my garden starts to come alive. Each day brings delight and new surprises, from the flocks of freesias and iris in the front garden to the poppies and anemones that are just starting to bloom.

Flowers from Our Garden © Harold Davis

My job is to be true to myself, and also speak truth to flower: meaning, to the best of my ability I try to render the essence of the flower, what makes it so special, and describe its beacon of beauty in a way that can be shared.

One Poppy © Harold Davis

From one day to the next I begin on the journey of floral interpretation. Sometimes the goal is an arrangement like a bouquet. Other times I am most interested in the characterization of the detailed folds and depths of the flower up close and personal. Always there is joy and radiance, and the hint of the numinous. Read more!

Ranunculus Study 1 © Harold Davis

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