5-Story Pagoda

I spent the day on Miyajima Island, which is a pretty wonderful place. I told Phyllis it was like Sausalito with a bit of religion, tame deer, and 300,000 oysters added into the mix. One could also point to Mont Saint-Michel or Coney Island, for that matter. This is the island that is home to the famous Torii gate that is often used in the iconography that is shorthand for Japan (see photo below).

5-Story Pagoda © Harold Davis

The ancient 5-Story Pagoda sits on a small hill behind the famous Torii. I got under the eaves of the pagoda, and with my camera on tripod, and the camera set for maximum depth-of-field, photographed up towards the sky, capturing the eaves of all five floors.

O-Torii © Harold Davis

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