Iris Suite

I have been photographing Irises close-up and personal. Irises are wonderful flowers, and I come back to them quite a bit. With these images, I used a simple setup with a light box for back lighting. In some cases, I used only the back lighting, and in others I added a small LED ring light to illuminate from the front. These images are all fairly extreme macro range, from 1:1 going as close as 2:1, or twice life size.

I am thinking about creating a small portfolio of Iris images.

Iris Window © Harold Davis
Spectral Iris © Harold Davis
Pillars of Iris © Harold Davis
Iris Runway © Harold Davis
Iris Yellow Line © Harold Davis
Iris Chalice © Harold Davis
Iris Stigma © Harold Davis

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  1. Love these – just colors and shapes

  2. Reminds me of Georgia O’Keefe.

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