Katie Rose Is Fine

Katie Rose in the Bath

Katie Rose in the Bath, photo by Harold Davis.

Katie Rose is doing the normal baby things. She enjoys her bath. She weighes over fifteen pounds. She’s gaining the strength and understanding of the world she needs to start crawling. She’s starting to sample “solid” foods.

We’re headed for the neurological follow-up clinic in a few weeks, but as far as we can see she’s acting like a normal almost six month old. Although she was born nine months ago, her gestationally corrected age, which means when she would have been born had she made it to term and is what is used for development comparison purposes, is about six months.

I’m writing this because I’ve had a number of inquiries that start “We haven’t heard from you” and ask whether Katie Rose is all right. So thanks for all the interest, Katie Rose is fine, it is just that I’ve been busy.

Not too busy to use my camera to turn my kids into freaks! Here’s Katie Rose through a fisheye lens, you can read Fisheye Family to also see her brothers rendered in this decidedly cruel and unusual (but funny) fashion.

Fisheye Family Katie

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