Multiple Exposures

Enter my world of strange women deities and twisted, contorted art historical mash-ups, but only if you dare!

Hekatonkheires.jpgWheel of Life-800.jpgDance in the Rings-2500.jpgHarold Davis - Quo Vadis-800.jpgPagan Dreams.jpgInsectum humaneae.jpgInvocation.jpgBeing and BecomingEarthbound AngelsSolace for the Wild RestLes DemoisellesMask Beyond Reproach.jpgPassion-800.jpgWhat rough beast-800.jpgKaliDance of the Seven Veils 266-800.jpgDance of the Seven Veils 267-800.jpgBlack and white variation-800.jpgHarold Davis - I never know which me-800.jpgPygmalian Redux-800.jpgFalling-800.jpgGates after Rodin-800.jpg

 Multiple Exposures is created using an unusual photographic technique: in-camera multiple exposures, precision timed in the studio using strobes, and choreographed in conjunction with a model or models. The handsome, large prints in this series are hand-printed on metallic paper, and show the allure and danger of the female form in many guises. Please contact the Harold Davis studio for more information and pricing.