Navajo Bridge at Night.jpgHorseshoe Bend at Night.jpgAncient Music of the Stars.jpgDistant Night Storm in the Patriarch Grove.jpgFrom sunset to sunrise.jpgBetween Earth and Sky 1387.jpgEdge of Night 1411.jpgGolden Gate Nocturn 1315.jpgNight at Point Reyes Lighthouse 869.jpgPigeon Point 1434.jpgStarry Night 3 1404.jpgPatriarch.jpgStar Trails over Half Dome.jpgValley of Fire Star Trails.jpgAlabama Hills Star Trails.jpgDeath Valley Campsite.jpgDeath Valley Star Trails.jpgDevils Golf Course.jpgMoon Roll.jpgRace Track Playa.jpgSan Francisco Moonrise.jpgStar Trails over Drakes Bay.jpgStars My Destination.jpgAlabama Hills at Night.jpg