Iceland Photo Adventure

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Click here for the detailed itinerary, and here for the Reservation form. Please contact us with any questions. FAQs are below!

Photo credit: Iurie Belegurschi / Iceland Photo Tours

Why Iceland? Come on, does this question really need to be asked? Unique landscapes, black sand beaches, spectacular waterfalls, puffins, and an erupting volcano. I’ve always wanted to photograph Iceland. Enough said.

Why Now? As of April 6, 2021, travel to Iceland without quarantining has been opened to those who are fully vaccinated (see “How safe is Iceland?” below). The summer is an excellent time to travel in Iceland, with endless days and access to regions that are otherwise hard to get to. I’ve wanted to restart my interrupted travel photography, and what better place or time? If not now, when?

How safe is Iceland? Iceland is, to state the obvious, an island nation. They have managed the pandemic relatively well (click here to find more info on visiting Iceland). While I think we have all learned this past year that nothing is certain in life, we believe that travel in Iceland is relatively safe if you are vaccinated. We are committed to running this destination photography workshop as safely as possible.

Do I need to be fully vaccinated? Yes. Everyone on the tour must be vaccinated. Iceland requires proof of vaccination for admission (click here for more info about Iceland’s entry requirements).

Will I need to quarantine in Iceland? No, not if you have proof of accepted vaccination.

What will the Covid-19 protocols be on the trip? We will be fully compliant with all Icelandic Covid-19 protocols in force at the time of the trip. I am expecting that since we will all be vaccinated, we will operate as a pod. So, distancing and masks will not be required on the bus but you will need to keep your masks handy. Outside our pod, current Iceland protocols require social distancing, or wearing a mask if this is not possible, although this may change by mid-July. Participants will briefed on Covid-19 protocols in Iceland at the time of the trip.

I don’t know any Icelandic. Is English OK? No problem. English is widely spoken, and anyhow we will have a local guide. But it might be fun to learn a little Icelandic—“halló” (hello), “Þakka þér fyrir” (thank you), “takk” (please), and “bless” (goodbye)—before we leave so we can be courteous guests!

Who will be operating the trip in Iceland? Our tour logistics will be organized by Iceland Photo Tours, a distinguished operator specializing in photography and founded by well-known photographer Iurie Belegurschi. Check out the Iceland Photo Tours website.

What will airfare to Iceland cost?  Your airfare to and from Iceland is not included in the tour cost (exclusions are listed in the Itinerary). At a best guess, round-trip airfare from the U.S. will run $800 – $1,500. I have been advised to wait to buy tickets because as Iceland opens many more options will become available.

How do I get to the hotel from the airport when I arrive? You will need to preregister for the Flybus. There is a modest cost, and the bus will drop you off at a designated stop a few steps from your hotel. Click here for information and registration for the Flybus.

Can I book extra nights at the hotel in Reykjavik before or after the trip? Yes. Iceland Photo Tours will be happy to arrange for extra hotel nights before or after the trip, as well as private tours; however please note that hotel reservation on your own through a website like may be less expensive.

Are the destinations in the itinerary guaranteed? No. While most destinations are likely in July, weather and other issues “on the ground” can always lead to substituting destinations and changes in the itinerary.

What will the weather be like? The average low temperature in July in Iceland is 48F, with an average high temperature of 57F. Days are often in the 60s and 70s, but keep in mind that rain is frequent, and particularly in locations by waterfalls and oceans where will be photographing things can be chilly. Bring warm layers and rain gear.

How much walking will be necessary during the trip, and do I have to be in super-great shape? We will be traveling in comfortable vehicles which mostly will bring us close to the locations. You do not have to be in super-duper great shape to photograph most of these locations. But those who want to be more physically active will certainly have ample opportunities.

What is the group size? This is a small group, with a minimum of six and a maximum of eight guests (plus Harold and the guide).

What meals are included? All meals are included, as indicated on the itinerary. We have chosen to include all meals in the tour price because it makes it easier for everyone when we are tired after a long day of happy photography! 

Is there a vegetarian meal option? Yes. Please let us know in advance.

Will the sun really set at midnight? Well, almost. On July 1, the sun will set at 11:55PM, five minutes short of midnight. By mid-July, we should have three or four hours of dusk before the sun rises again. This means we will have really long gold-hours for photography. (There is a reason that coffee is very popular in Iceland!)

I am really excited about the aerial volcano photography. Will the volcano still be erupting? This is impossible to guarantee of course, but the scientists think so. Also note that if conditions are not safe, aerial photography will need to be cancelled.