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Please also consider my online courses: Creative LAB Color in Photoshop; Photoshop Backgrounds & Textures; and Photographing Flowers.

Want to be able to get the nuts and bolts of a subject and play it again as often as you’d like? Access to the following webinar recordings is available. Each webinar is approximately one hour with video and audio. Listen as many times as you’d like, and play back specific portions as often as you wish. The cost is only $19.95 each.

Here is what some webinar viewers have said:

  • “Watching Harold work on his imagery, as he would in ‘real-life’, has helped me lock-in techniques that I had read about, but were only theoretical to me. It’s great to have multiple delivery channels for Harold’s information, and I now feel confident I can succeed.”
  • “Your webinars are very educational and inspiring!”
  • “I love your webinars!!!”
  • “Layers used to scare me. Now, thank to Harold’s gentle approach, I can begin to unleash to full power of Photoshop!”
  • “I had read all I could about painting in transparency but only with your layer-by-layer demonstration did it all come together.”
  • “Very informative. All my questions were answered.”
  • “It was great to see actual examples and Harold using this technique with his own imagery!”
  • “Totally exciting creative process, Harold! I am looking forward to bringing these techniques into my own work.”
  • “I have been using textures for a while, but watching this webinar filled in some gaps for me. Great information.”
  • “Up all night and enthused about textures after watching your video. Great info about layer masking. Thanks!”
  • “You hit the mark for me, Harold! Filled in all the gaps. Thank you!”

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01-titleAre you intrigued by transparent flower photos? Ever wanted to know how to make them? Well, here’s your chance!

With photography on a light box, once you photograph a bracketed high-key exposure sequence, then the the next step is to assemble a layer stack.

As you build your layer stack, successively darker layers are masked and painted in to create the illusion of transparency. The results surprise and delight!

Digital artist and master photographer Harold Davis states, “My transparent botanical art has been greatly acclaimed and emulated. Flowers can create the most beautiful compositions. Photographers who are interested in photographing flowers should give this technique a try. Certainly, one of the most sensitive parts of the process is painting in the high-key layer stack.”

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Have you ever wanted to turn your photos into fine art design pieces? With a little bit of Photoshop know-how, a few inexpensive tools, and the techniques explained in this webinar, it’s easy to create unique art imagery, guided by your vision and creativity.

Placing a photo on a background creates an image that looks like a botanical illustration. Adding a texture to a photo is can be used for an impressionistic and/or painterly effect.

Digital artist and master photographer Harold Davis states, “The two primary techniques that I use to turn straightforward photos into art are to add a photo to a background, and to add a texture to photos. These two techniques have a very visual different impact, and can be particularly effective with my botanical art.”

It’s easy to add a whole set of techniques to your creative use of Photoshop! Watch Harold as he explains the entire process of using backgrounds and textures, then shows how to use them in the actual context of his own work.

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01-title-layers101The ability to work with layers and layer masks in Photoshop is what unlocks the power of Photoshop, and separates it from more mundane image editors. Yet many people find working with layers (and the tools related to layers) daunting, both conceptually and practically.

This webinar aims to get you over this learning hump gently. It is intended for serious photographers—for example, those working in Lightroom—who want to take their work to the next level in Photoshop. We will go slowly, work through many examples, and reserve ample time for questions

The Photoshop Layers 101 with Harold Davis webinar covers:

  • What is a layer?
  • Working with layers
  • Adjustment layers versus “regular” layers
  • Hide all layer masks
  • Reveal all layer masks
  • Viewing alpha channels
  • Opacity
  • Blending modes
  • Painting on a layer mask with the Brush Tool
  • Using the Gradient Tool

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Click here for unlimited access to the Creative Use of LAB Color Webinar Recording (about 75 minutes, the cost for unlimited access is $19.95)


Understanding the creative use of LAB color in Photoshop unlocks a vast treasure trove of under-utilized and under-explored possibilities. Truly one of the secrets of spectacular color in Photoshop, if you know how to work creatively with LAB color you will far ahead of the game in terms of getting the results you want from Photoshop.

This webinar explains the structure of LAB color, and demonstrates inversions and LAB equalizations for both image optimization and creative fun. You will learn how to combine Blending Modes with LAB equalizations for an unlimited and powerful palette.

This is information you will learn nowhere else. With access to the recording you can replay selected portions of the webinar recording as many times as you’d like.

Harold says, “When I discovered LAB color, and how to use what has been called ‘the most powerful color space,’ I knew I was on to one of the great secrets of Photoshop.”

The Creative Use of LAB Color with Harold Davis webinar covers:

  • Understanding LAB Color
  • LAB Color in Photoshop
  • LAB Channel Inversions
  • LAB Channel Equalizations
  • Downloading, installing and using Harold’s free LAB color action
  • Combining adjustments with blending modes
  • Creative LAB in a workflow
  • Examples and case studies

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Click here for unlimited access to the Converting to Black & White with Photoshop and Silver Efex Pro  (about 86 minutes, the cost for unlimited access is $19.95)

01-title-BWWhile we see the world in color, black and white is important to the history of photography, and immediately recognized as distinctive and artistic. In this webinar Harold Davis, the author of several books on digital black and white technique, and the creator of widely exhibited black & white prints, explains his techniques and how he gets his extraordinary results.

He’ll show some of his images in the context of why he chooses to render them in black and white, then move on to the specifics of his unique and poswerful techniques for creating rich monochromatic images with extraordinary depth using Photoshop adjustments, Nik Silver Efex Pro and a workflow the takes advantage of the power inherent in Photoshop layers and masking!

 The Converting to Black & White with Harold Davis webinar covers:

  • Learning to see in black & white
  • Pre-visualizing black & white imagery
  • Black & white in a (digital) color world
  • Why black & white
  • Black & white workflow
  • Using black & white adjustments
  • Using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2
  • Enhancing color for great black & white
  • The black & white conversion layer stack
  • When (and how) to extend the dynamic range of black and white images

Want to move your photographic imagery from the mundane to the artistic? Then maybe black and white—and this webinar—is for you! Learn to hone your monochromatic skills in this extraordinary presentation from Harold Davis, one of the living masters of digital monochrome.

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Selective SharpeningHave you ever over-sharpened an image? (We all have!) Have you ever wanted to to sharpen just one thing in a photo, not the entire image?

If you answer “Yes!” to either of these questions, then this webinar recording is for you!

This webinar recording shows how to use the properties of LAB color to selectively sharpen images for aesthetic effect, and teaches you a technique that should be in the toolkit of every photographer who uses Photoshop.

Master photographer and bestselling author Harold Davis says, “I use selective sharpening with LAB color to enhance almost all of my photos.” Sharpening with LAB is one of the true secrets of the masters.

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Making Memorable Travel Photos webinar recording (About 82 minutes, the cost for unlimited access is $19.95)

Please consider viewing and learning from this exciting, new webinar offering that will help you learn to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, and find the extraordinary when you travel.

01-titleMany of us like to travel, and when we travel we bring our cameras. But there’s a strange paradox: no matter how unique and photogenic our destinations, mostly the photos we come back with are pretty dull. Your travel photos do not have to be boring!

In this presentation, noted photographer and digital artist Harold Davis shares his spectacular imagery from many places around the world as well as “abroad at home.” He’ll share the backstories about how many of his images were made, and what was going on at the time of the exposure. Hint: If men in military uniforms come toward you pointing automatic weapons, stop photographing whatever it is that you are photographing, and turn around slowly!

While showing his award-winning imagery, and sharing his travel photography stories, Harold will explain topics including:

The Making Memorable Travel Photos webinar recording covers:

  • How to research and prepare for any travel destination
  • Planning tools that Harold uses to maximize his chances of photographic success
  • Figuring out where the light is coming from to get the best photos
  • How to be “at home abroad” no matter what your destination
  • Making travel photos that rise above the mundane
  • Photographing people when you travel
  • How to ask a stranger permission to take their photo
  • Making travel photos with a personal viewpoint
  • How to get good shots when you are with a group

Want to move your photographic imagery from the mundane to the artistic? Then maybe this webinar—is for you! Learn to find the special at home and abroad in this extraordinary presentation from Harold Davis, one of the living masters of digital photography.

One participant in the live session noted, “Harold’s webinars are always interesting. I learned quite a bit.” Another participant added, “We just finished attending your Memorable Travel Photos webinar, and also attended the Converting to Black and White webinar a week or so ago. My wife and I found both of them to be very educational and inspiring.”

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Please consider my interactive, online Photographing Flowers course (with Craftsy).

Class description: Learn how to use exposure, focus and creative techniques for spectacular floral photos. Join top photographer and bestselling author Harold Davis to explore the many facets of successful macro photography, starting with expert tips on composition. Delve into extension tubes and filters for an affordable way to master extreme close-ups, and navigate challenging lighting with ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Cultivate your artistic vision using selective focus, unexpected angles and depth of field to create imaginative, Impressionist-inspired shots. Plus, learn how to execute an indoor shoot and present your photos in a strikingly unique portfolio.