Legendary photographer and artist Harold Davis believes that advances in the technology and craft of digital photography have created an entirely new medium. Harold’s extraordinary imagery builds on the masterworks of the past while embracing revolutionary innovations in photography. His stunning prints can be collected now. Click here to find out more about Harold Davis prints.

“I have collected Davis’s work for more than five years and am increasingly excited about the possibilities created by his unusual and effective use of technology in support of the classical tenets of photographic art. I would compare his work to Ansel Adams’s and Edward Weston’s work during the crucial 1930s and 1940s time frame.”—Gary Cornell

From beginning to end, the techniques that Harold Davis uses are unique. Trained as a classical photographer and painter, his photographic images are made using special HDR (High Dynamic Range) capture techniques that extend the range of visual information beyond what the eye can normally see.

Davis creates and processes his images using wide-gamut and alternative digital methods that he has invented. His techniques combine the craft of photography with the skills of a painter.

“Harold Davis’ ethereal floral arrangements have a purity and translucence that borders on spiritual.”—Peter Kolonia, Popular Photo Magazine

He makes his over-sized original prints on unusual substrates such as pearlized metallic and washi rice papers. Davis states, “I believe that nothing like my prints has ever been seen before. They simply could not have been created until recently. I’ve been able to create in a domain where many techniques and crafts have come together for the first time. My prints are made meticulously, and have a 200-year archival rating for ink and paper if they are handled properly.”

Choosing the Path by Harold Davis

Choosing the Path © Harold Davis

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