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Selected Interviews, Profiles and Stories

TV Spotlights, Webinars, and Video

You may be interested in some of Harold’s webcasts and video appearances. These are sponsored as noted in the listings, and free to watch. Please let us know what you think!

Harold on Social Media

Model Photography

Click here to view some of Harold’s photos of models (over 18 only please). Columns by Harold Davis

Selected Awards

  • Black & White Spider Nominee Award, 2012
  • North American Nature Photography (NANPA) Showcase Award, 2011
  • World Gala Awards Storytelling Finalist award, 2011
  • North American Nature Photography (NANPA) Showcase Award, 2010
  • North American Nature Photography (NANPA) Judge’s Choice Award, 2010
  • International Aperture Awards, 2009, two bronze medals
  • North American Butterfly Association art award, 2009
  • North American Nature Photography (NANPA) Showcase Award, 2009
  • International Aperture Awards, 2008, two silver medals

Photoshop Darkroom LAB Action

Click here to download the Readme file for Harold’s LAB action, and here to download the zip file containing Harold’s LAB action

Ringing Cedars Covers

Harold Davis created nine book covers for the Ringing Cedars of Russia series, click here for more info about this project.