Prints by Harold Davis

How do I get a Harold Davis print?

To order your Harold Davis print please look through our Galleries and Blog to find an image or images that you might like. Then contact the studio for an individual consultation by phone or email, and we will help you order your unique custom work of art.

What are the different kinds of Harold Davis prints that are available?

In our studio we are happy to create unique, hand-crafted prints in almost any size you’d like, ranging up to 40″ X 60″—large enough to enhance any space. We can make our prints on many different surfaces, including pearlized metallic substrates, washi rice paper, and somewhat more conventional photographic papers. Prices range from $600 to $4,000. Please contact the studio for details and a free personal consultation.

What makes Harold Davis prints unique?

“Harold Davis’ ethereal floral arrangements have a purity and translucence that borders on spiritual.”—Peter Kolonia, Popular Photo Magazine

Harold’s over-sized original prints are as unique as his digital photographic techniques. He creates very large prints on unusual substrates such as pearlized metallic and washi rice papers. Davis states, I believe that nothing like my prints has ever been seen before. They simply could not have been created until recently. I’ve been able to innovate in a domain where many techniques and crafts have come together for the first time. My prints are made meticulously, and have a 200-year archival rating for ink and paper if they are handled properly.

Workbench by Harold Davis

Workbench © Harold Davis

What do people say about their Harold Davis print?

“Your Poppies print arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you for all the care you took to wrap and ship it so carefully. I cannot wait to frame it and hang it in my living room. This photo just speaks to me……”—Ilene Hertz, San Jose, California

“The print has arrived safely. And it’s gorgeous! My coworkers are in awe.”
—Sharry Lee Gregory, Indianapolis, Indiana

“The Cherry Branch print arrived in excellent condition – it’s beautiful! Thanks for all the care you took with it, your family does great work!”
—Rachael Fogal, Anchorage, Alaska

Can you tell me more about my Harold Davis print?

Each print is individually made with a great deal of care using the best archival materials on paper we feel is most appropriate to the particular image and your image placement following our initial consultation.

Even the ink Harold uses to sign his prints is acid free.

Note: We always allow a little paper margin around my prints for Harold’s hand signature, so it can be overmatted when you frame the piece.

What will your Harold Davis print be worth 50 years from now?

During the many years that Edward Weston and Ansel Adams were active, you could have bought one of their prints for a few hundred dollars (at most). These prints sell for tens—or hundreds—of thousands of dollars at auction today.

It’s impossible to know the future, but we believe that original Harold Davis prints will have ongoing value. These prints are created to last using archival materials and inks that are rated for at least 200 years. In this studio we do not take shortcuts.

How should I frame my Harold Davis print?

Many people have asked about framing their Harold Davis print. We always recommend archival framing using acid-free materials and glass that provides UV protection. This is sometimes called “museum” or “conservation” framing.

Note that we do not provide framing services. Harold states: “I am an artist and a photographer, not a framer. I want you to work with a professional framer to make your own choices depending on where you will hang my prints and I don’t want to build a hidden markup into what I would have to charge for framing.”

Have any further questions? If you have any questions about Harold Davis’s prints, or are interested in acquiring one, please contact the studio.