About Harold Davis Webinar Recordings

What is a Harold Davis webinar recording? A webinar recording is the video and audio of an online presentation  made by Harold Davis. Generally, Harold’s webinars are divided into two parts. There is a slide show giving an overview and some inspirational ideas along with workflow bullet points. The slide show is followed by “screen casting” showing actual examples in Photoshop and other applications. Sometimes the webinar recording includes questions and answers with the “live” audience.


Why did Harold start giving and recording webinars? Harold says, “Many people can’t get to, or can’t afford, my live workshops. I’ve been looking for a way to deliver targeted information in a cost-effective way that will work for a dispersed audience. My idea is to present specific fairly technical techniques that have a widespread interest and application—but are simply too narrow to be made into a book or complete online course. Webinar technology has advanced to a point where it is feasible for me to do this, but it has been interesting being my own producer, director and technician as well as the talent and author behind the materials.”



Why the live sessions? Why didn’t Harold just make a video and audio recording with no audience? In his “real life” workshops, Harold thrives on interactions with participants. So he felt that having an audience who could ask questions would add energy to the recordings, and also help him to clarify points that might be puzzling that Harold had overlooked or passed over too quickly.

How can I find out about upcoming live webinar sessions? Please check our Workshops & Events page for upcoming offerings.




How much does it cost to buy access to one of your webinar recordings? Access to each online webinar recording is $19.95, paid via Paypal.

If I buy access to a webinar recording, what do I get? You get online access as often as you’d like to the webinar recording so that you can stop and start it, and replay portions that interest you.


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How long are your webinar recordings? The length of each webinar recording varies between one hour and two hours, with a typical webinar recording running about 75 minutes.

What is the difference between a webinar live session and a recording? In a webinar live session you can interact with Harold and ask questions. Normally, seats are very limited. Check our Workshops & Events page for upcoming live sessions, which are priced at $29.95 and includes access to the recording. A recording is, as the name implies, simply a recording of the audio and video of a specific webinar session, with access normally available for $19.95.

Can I watch the webinar recording more than once? Absolutely. Yes.




Are these webinar recordings of professional quality? In a word, no. We’ve been working hard to improve the quality of the webinar recordings, and as one recent viewer put it, “Everything flowed really well – only a couple of funny sound problems, but otherwise, really really well done!” But make no mistake, these are not professionally done, and that is not the point of the webinar recordings. The point is to present specific information and visuals that can’t be found anywhere else.

Where are the webinar recordings hosted? The webinars are currently hosted on Anymeeting.com.

What should I do if I have problems registering for a webinar recording? Sometimes the Anymeeting registration software can be a little “flakey”. One step that has helped some people is to change web browsers. If that doesn’t resolve your problem, please feel free to contact Anymeeting technical supportHere are the minimum system requirements for using the Anymeeting software.

You can also drop us an email, and we will send you a Paypal invoice. When that is paid we can register you manually.


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What webinar recordings do you have available, and how do I sign up for access? Currently, Painting in Transparency Using a High-Key Layer Stack,  Selective Sharpening with LAB Color and Using Backgrounds and Textures are available (use these links to register for access).

I’ve already paid for access to a recording (or attended the live session) but I’ve lost the links for the recordings that were emailed to me. Please help!

Note that you may need to logon with the name, email address and password that you originally used when you registered for the session or recording. Here are the links for the recordings:

Do you have any live webinars coming up that I might join? In the summer of 2014 we have the premier sessions of Creative Use of LAB Color on July 26 and Photoshop Layers 101 on August 18.