Harold Davis in the News

Harold Davis in the News

2022.02.28—Tulips, sunflowers decorate two new U.S. stamps

The Tulips stamp “features a luminous, almost ethereal assortment of overlapping tulips in red, orange, yellow, purple, and white against a bright white background,” according to the Postal Service.

“Similar in design to the 2-ounce Sunflower Bouquet stamp, also issued in 2022, this Forever stamp can be used on RSVP envelopes often enclosed with wedding invitations.”

The Tulips stamp is also ideal for important announcements, party invitations and thank-you notes, the Postal Service said.

2021.11.1—U.S. Postal Service Reveals New Stamps for 2022 (including two stamps with photography by Harold Davis) (blog story: Two of my images are 2022 USPS releases)

2019.12.19—Harold Davis Featured on See.Me

“These images use both cutting edge photographic techniques, digital painting adapted from my background as a painter, and software post-production to create images that are unique and uniquely different. I want viewers to experience the fabric of reality a little differently after they have viewed my images. What is real, and what is not? The answer is not so apparent, and we are only as good as our fantasies.”

Guest Blog Post, Scott Kelby Blog: Photographer as Poet Harold Davis

“In recent years I have photographed and hiked the Kumano kodo pilgrimage trail sacred to Shugendo Buddhism in Japan. I’ve walked long portions of the Camino de Santiago in Spain with my camera. I’ve taken photos to bring light to the near darkness in Son Doong, the world’s largest cave in Vietnam where fewer people have ventured than have been into space.”

PhotoActive, Episode 50: Harold Davis Creative Black & White (8/30/19)

“Artist, photographer, and writer Harold Davis joins us to discuss his new book Creative Black & White, 2nd Edition, and we talk about the photographer as artist, and how to see the world in monochrome.”

Radiating Beauty: Creating a new photographic form with fusion x-rays (article by Natalie Holmes, Pixsy blog, March 2019)

“The shapes and forms are recognizable, yet the level of detail is deeper than the human eye can normally perceive: Leaves appear minutely laced and surfaces are impossibly intricate, somewhere between translucent and opaque. Welcome to the captivating work of photographer Harold Davis and radiologist Dr. Julian Köpke, who combine their skill, passion, and vision to create stunning X-ray photography and pioneering fusion images.”

On Art and Beauty (Exploring Colour Blog guest post)

“What is beauty? What is the place of beauty in art? Surprisingly, these are contentious and difficult questions that involve some very slippery concepts. In the past couple of centuries, since the end of representational art as the ultimate goal of the artist, the role of beauty in art has become increasingly vexatious.”

Creativity: Going Mobile (article about Harold Davis’s iPhone Photography, Oct 2017 Shutterbug Magazine, PDF Download, by Barry Tanenbaum)

Interview, Podcast with Harold Davis (produced by Mid Century Books) (Part I)

Harold Davis Talks at Google (The Photographer’s Black & White Handbook and The Zen of Photography)

Behind the Lens with Harold Davis (Topaz Labs Blog, how I got where I am)

Learn to Photograph Flowers for Transparency in Six Steps (Pixsy blog).

Interview ASMP Business Blog with Harold Davis about copyright enforcement with Pixsy

The poet among the photographers, profile on Zeiss Lenspire website, September, 2015

Q&A: Harold Davis, Interview with Dominique James, July, 2015.

Achieving Your Potential As a Photographer, pre-publication review, Rangefinder Magazine, May, 2015.

2014.01.01—Monochromatic HDR Photography, Fine Art Printer Magazine (Germany), January 2014 issue (PDF download): “We highly recommend this book [Monochromatic HDR Photography by Harold Davis, published by Focal Press] due to the very high image quality and the excellent text. The insights are illustrated by hauntingly beautiful black and white images.”

2013.03.22—“Botanique”: Harold Davis’s Oragami in a Box on the Moab Paper blog

Ancient Music of the Stars by Harold Davis

Ancient Music of the Stars © Harold Davis

2012.12.01—Pure Petals: Make flowers look translucent, Popular Photo Magazine (PDF download). Peter Kolonia writes, “Harold Davis’ ethereal floral arrangements have a purity and translucence that borders on spiritual.”

2012.10.16—Review of Photographing Waterdrops in Digital Photographer (PDF download): “Waterdrops make ideal macro subjects but they aren’t photographed all that often. In this book, Harold Davis shows us what we’re missing out on with a truly comprehensive guide to capturing beautiful images of water droplets. This isn’t a guide to creating water drop images using studio-based photography; all the images featured here were taken ‘in the wild’ and this is a guide to making the most of what you discover, whether it’s dew or raindrops. All in all, this is a truly great book about an underrated subject.”

2012.09.01—Profile of Harold Davis; reviews of Photographing FlowersPhotographing Waterdrops, and Creating HDR Photos, Rangefinder Magazine, articles by Jim Cornfield (PDF download)

2012.09.01—Making Stunning Floral Images (HTML), Digital Photo Magazine, images and text by Harold Davis (PDF download)

2012.08.01—Digital Photographer Magazine (UK), Photographing Flowers: Exploring Macro Worlds with Harold Davis rated Best Guide to Flower Photography: “A superb book with excellent attention to detail and infused with the author’s passion for his subject” (PDF download)

2012.06.21—New York Times, H.D.R. Photography for the Realist (Roy Furchgott provides tips on High Dynamic Range photography techniques from Harold Davis on the Gadgetwise blog) (PDF download)

2012.06.12—Photographing the Night Sky: Star Trails, Nikon USA Learn & Explore

2012.05.15—Click with Nemo: Podcast on Pixiq, Interview with Harold Davis, Maestro of Flowers and Waterdrops

2012.05.08—Popular Photography, Tips from a Pro: Harold Davis on Getting Better Flower Photos

2012.05.08—PhotoFidelity, Book Review of Photographing Flowers

2012.04.17—Moab Paper, Harold Davis is acknowledged as printmaker with his addition to the Moab Masters

2012.02.28—Miami Art Exchange, Out of Complex Comes Simple: The Art of Harold Davis

In some ways Davis images saturated with texture and enveloped in pattern seem transcendant and bathed in mysterious light. We need to remember that the desire for form is also the desire for meaning. We cannot, however, let utopian ideals cloud the reality in front of us that even though visually represented through the lens of a camera, and output by a computer onto paper, or chemically prepared and output, the real natural world remind us that design and pattern are deduced in a variety of ways, both seen and unseen.

2012.02.27—ShopStyle: Fashionistas choose the photos of Harold Davis

2012.02.09—San Francisco Book Review, Photographing Flowers: Exploring Macro Worlds with Harold Davis

For any photographer interested in floral photography—whether amateur or pro—this book will not only tutor them, but will inspire them.

2012.02.01—Harold Davis in World Art Group’s featured new releases (PDF).