Lost in the Desert

I took this photo from the platform where my night ramblings on the way back from the Wave ended because I realized I was lost (here’s the back story).

As I tried to keep warm through the night I paced ever smaller circles and drained my batteries in couple of last thirty minute exposures (this one is the penultimate photo).

Had I been able to see the landscape as well as my digital camera captures it, I would have realized I was standing on the Sandstone Ridge (marked on my map), and that my direction out was across the low rise in the middle right of this photo. I might also have noted the depth of the chasm right below me.

[This photo: 18mm in 35mm terms, about thirty minutes at f/4 and ISO 100, tripod mounted.]

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  1. Great colors! I’m very curious to know what you did in the time the camera was ticking away, walked away and then came back? Very inspirational shot.

  2. Hi Expatraveler: I was pacing around in small circles to keep warm!

    Best wishes – Harold

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