Tidepool Creature

This is a close-up of a tidepool creature, taken the other day in James V Fitzgerald Marine Preserve near Moss Beach, California to the south of San Francisco. Perhaps the marine creature is a jellyfish? If you look closely you can see me and my tripod reflected in the tentacles.

[Nikon D300, 105mm f/2.8 macro lens (157.5mm in 35mm terms), 36mm extension tube, 2.5 seconds at f/40 and ISO 100, tripod mounted.]

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  1. Judith January 27, 2008 at 12:44 pm #

    It’s a anemone. http://www.oceanlight.com/spotlight.php?img=02479 looks like the right one. I like the colors and the general “moistness” and mystery of your image.

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