New review of Monochromatic HDR Photography by Harold Davis

The following short review of Monochromatic HDR Photography appears in the January 2014 issue of Rangefinder Magazine (page 32):

Monochromatic HDR Photography
By Harold Davis

Among his multifarious skills—photographer, author, publisher, post-processing whiz, blogger, teacher and workshop leader—Harold Davis is the acknowledged maestro of HDR imaging. (See Rangefinder September, 2012).

In Monochromatic HDR Photography, Davis brings another technique for dynamic range manipulation: taking color out and putting artistry in.

His comprehensive and readable creative tips, his workflow regimen and his powerful imagery will ignite (or reignite) your interest in black-and-white conversions with any subject you shoot. You’ll see Ansel Adams’ tonal spectrum appear in your landscapes and Edward Weston’s luminosity in your portraits.

Welcome to yet another Davis title that belongs in your digital darkroom.

Harold Davis-Monochromatic HDR book cover

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