Giverny via iPhone

I shot this image of Monet’s water gardens at Giverny with my iPhone camera, and processed it into three versions on the spot. Instant gratification is sweet! But I’m also looking forward to seeing what my images with the D800 look like. They may take a bit of time to process. It’s fair to say that my entire group had a great time at Giverny, it is truly a highlight!

Giverny via iPhone 1 © Harold Davis

Giverny via iPhone #1 © Harold Davis

One nice thing about processing on the iPhone is that it very easy to see what difference a slight shift in colors makes.

Giverny via iPhone 2 © Harold Davis

Giverny via iPhone #2 © Harold Davis

Fun I think to take a subject that is so very colorful, and render it in black and white. I am looking forward to printing all three together.

Giverny via iPhone 3 © Harold Davis

Giverny via iPhone #3 © Harold Davis

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