Vanishing Point

Like World without End, my image of endless doors, I shot the base photo for this image at Fort Point in San Francisco. In the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Point is one of the oldest examples of military architecture in California. The brick vaults shown here were likely built when California was part of Mexico, and were contested during the war of independence that made California a republic.

Vanishing Point

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The Photoshop technique I used here is to create larger and small versions of the original, and layer them together to make the arches appear to go on forever (you probably need to view the image larger to see this). To enhance the illusion I created, I selectively sharpened the arches in the distance more than the closer arches. Ideally, this image should be viewed as a very large print to get the full effect.

Is there really a vanishing point?

[Photoshop composite at four magnifications. Original image created using five exposures at durations from 1/2 a second to 15 seconds, each capture using a Nikon D300 with a 12-24mm Zoom lens at 14mm (21mm in 35mm terms), at f/22 and ISO 100, tripod mounted.]

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