The Progress of Katie Rose

Katie Rose is progressing. The NICU at CPMC is organized into three different rooms: North is where babies are admitted, first treated and evaluated; East is where babies grow long term; and West is where babies who are going home soon stay. It’s a lower stress environment. There are no procedures and no really sick babies in NICU West, and it is even near the well-baby nursery.

The Quest for Milk

Yesterday when we visited Katie we took her temperature, changed her, let her breast feed, gave her a bottle, and just hung out for a while. Then we had to go home to pick up the boys from Fencing Camp.

We were on our way out when the charge nurse, Erin, came running in to ask if we would help move Katie to NICU West. You bet we said “yes” in a heartbeat!


Katie Rose was snoozing in her basinette. We collected her things and Erin unplugged her. Then we wheeled her down the hall in her progress towards a new life.

Katie Looking at Me

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