Harold Davis on Black & White Vision at B&H Photo in New York: the Video

I was in New York as part of a trip to promote my new book The Photographer’s Black & White Handbook. My presentation at B&H Photo was well attended and fun for me. The good folks at B&H were very kind to a somewhat jet-lagged peripatetic photographer. The video of my presentation is now available.

If for some reason the video of my presentation doesn’t load here, you can also watch it on YouTube!

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  1. Holger Mischke March 4, 2017 at 8:59 am #

    Hi Harold,
    that was just awesome! Especially the information on how you developed “Road Less Traveled”. I figure the “c/fx” layer is the Color Efex Pro layer and the last layer called “nik hdr mon soft copy 2” is LAB sharpening, but what are the “Nik hdr mon soft” and “Nik hdr mon soft copy” layers. And is the “b/w infraredpreset” layer done with Topaz B&W effects? It was so interesting to see and just from this one example i already learned a lot again and altogether this video was an inspiration. I expected nothing less.
    Thanks, Harold

  2. Harold Davis March 4, 2017 at 9:16 am #

    Hi Holger,
    Thanks for the kind comments. I’m glad it was helpful.
    Yes, c/fx is the black and white filter in Color Efex Pro. Nik HDR Mon soft is the Nik HDR Efex Monochromatic Soft preset applied as a tone curve. B/W infrared preset is a Photoshop b&w adjustment layer using the Infrared preset and merged down to create a single layer.
    Best wishes, Harold

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